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A World of Film at Atholton High School

Luke Strovel Staff Reporter 16 May, 2023      “The main goal was to submit it to the film festival. That was one of the first things we talked about,” said film club President Dustin Flaker, the […]

No money… No Problem… Extend a helping hand

Maria Emmons Ad/ Social Media Manager 16 May 2023 One day, you were in the car with your mom. You were getting ready for prom by having a day out and getting your nails done […]

Why the College Board is a Scam

Story by: Morgan Ryan
Image Courtesy of Morgan Ryan

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Problems with Plastic

Recycling waste, such as plastics and paper materials, is exemplified as a surefire way to reduce waste that could otherwise end up in landfills or natural habitats. While this isn’t untrue, the process is a lot trickier than one might think. 

TBH! Episode 5: Teacher Appreciation

By Quinny Boyle and Lilie Theby April 24, 2023

Team Fortress 2: How to Achieve Immortality

Story by: Cole Gaither
Image courtesy of: Polygon

From One Day to One Month: Women’s History 

Story By: Natalie Zepf
Image Curtesy of : Neel Sighn

Black Artistry at Atholton: BSU’s Assembly

Story Written by: Jordan Neperud
Image Courtesy of: Eva Mendoza