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The Price of Journalism: News and Paywalls

The online world has opened a new venue for journalism to flourish. but where there is an opportunity to make money, it often comes at the cost of accessibility. In the modern world, what is the true price of online journalism?

Let’s Learn and Earn with Taxes

Maria Emmons Ad/ Social Media Manager 22 March 2023   10 Tips and tricks: Steps for Filing:  Now it is time to file your taxes, what should you do?  -Your social security number  – A […]

MSCHF’s Astro Boy Boots: Blown Out of Proportion

Imani Smith Online Managing Editor 8 March 2023 Image courtesy of: Wisdom Kaye The internet never fails to feed the flames of debate when it comes to the latest fashion trends. The most recent controversy […]

Valentine’s Day Isn’t That Bad, Actually

Story Written by: Jordan Neperud
Image Courtesy of: Jordan Neperud

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What People Forget about Martin Luther King Jr.

How much does the average person know about Martin Luther King Jr? Though most people have learned about the activist in school as well as his assassination and his famed ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, to properly celebrate MLK day, it is crucial to first understand the context of his life. 

Flurries and Fun: How Snow Days Are Helpful

Story by: Jordan Neperud
Image Courtesy of: Morgan Ryan