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Howard County Slams the Breaks on Bus Routes

Story by: Jordan Neperud
Photo Courtesy of: Neel Singh

Atholton Seniors’ Next Steps: Post Graduation Plans

Story By: Sophie Saunders
Image Courtesy of: Sophie Saunders

Atholton’s Spring Pep Rally: Put a Pep in Your Step

Story by Kennedy Burnett
Image Courtesy by Kennedy Burnett

POMs and the Raider Cup

Story By: Sophia Weaver
Image Courtesy of: the POMs Team

Atholton Wrestling Overview

Story by: Elena Lederman
Image Courtesy of: Kush Kommula

Military Ball

Story by: Lydia Yerger
Photo Courtesy: Noura Arnaout

A Whimsical Night of Togetherness

Story by: Sophia Weaver
Image Courtesy of: Laycie Gullion

A Splash of Color and Kindness for our Security Officer

Visual art is something that can be created in many different ways. Mediums such as dance, photography, and painting all express different things to various people. At Atholton, there are a multitude of outlets through courses and clubs, for students to pour out their creative ideas. While enjoying what they love to do, artsy students also have the ability to connect with people by contributing to the community around them. Recently, Atholton’s security officer in particular, Officer Guizzotti, became one of their biggest supporters.

Grassroots Food and Items Drive

Story by: Quinny Boyle and Lilie Theby

Image courtesy of: Ms. Chaudhry