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Drugs, Dickens, and Donna

The book, incidentally, leaves you with absolutely no takeaways about childhood– the premise is that Harriet is on the run from the local white-trash meth addict, whom she ultimately faces in the town’s rusty, rotten water tower.

Story by: Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock
Photo Courtesy of: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Lights, Camera, English!

Poems, improv, songs galore, what could make you want to come more?

It’s Lit! Atholton Welcomes Intermediate Composition

The start of the 2017-2018 school year brought along a new opportunity for the literarily inclined students of Atholton High School.

Controversy & Current Events: Teaching in a Minefield

Teachers navigate difficulties and in discussing controversial topics with their students.

A Round of Snaps for Atholton High School’s Poets

On Wednesday May 2, 2017, the Atholton Media Center transformed into a laid-back, mellow coffeehouse environment full of poetry, music, and calming snaps from the audience. With the help of Poetry Club and National English Honor Society (NEHS), Atholton’s annual Poetry Night extravaganza was a success.