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The Heart of Savage Mill: the Antique Center

Imani Smith Online Managing Editor 9 February 2023 Image courtesy of Imani Smith The Savage Mill building has been an industrial hot spot ever since it was built by a family of Howard County settlers, […]

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What People Forget about Martin Luther King Jr.

How much does the average person know about Martin Luther King Jr? Though most people have learned about the activist in school as well as his assassination and his famed ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, to properly celebrate MLK day, it is crucial to first understand the context of his life. 

Making History in Howard County: the Lost Slave Files

Imani Smith Staff Reporter 6 June 2022     The classroom was dimly lit. Only the light from the rickety projector illuminated the space. On the screen was a list of the names of slaves and […]

Electives Chart 2.0

Scheduling is in full swing as of now, and there are many students that are uncertain as to what classes they want to/still have to take. Well, have no fear…