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Valentine’s Day Isn’t That Bad, Actually

Story Written by: Jordan Neperud
Image Courtesy of: Jordan Neperud

Mental Health Matters… For Teachers Too?

Maria Emmons Ad and Social Media Manager 3 January, 2023 A teacher at a nearby high school, Mr. Smith begins his day at 4am. He gets in his exercise for the day, an hour long […]

Atholton Students Hard at Work

Written By: Maria Emmons A young girl, sophomore in high school, Lucille, wakes up to an ear piercing alarm. 6am, time to get ready for the day. She brushes her teeth, gets dressed, and eats […]

Club and School Sports and Mental Health

Story by: Maria Emmons
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Be Your Own Valentine

Rebecca Leger Staff Reporter February 12, 2021 Valentine’s Day is a holiday that for centuries has been celebrated between couples, from the exchanging of gifts to the constant declaration of one’s love to another. It […]

Exercise: Clears Your Mind while Working Your Muscles

The world has fallen into a pandemic, leaving some people feeling isolated, alone, and stressed. Despite the current state of the world, it is still important to maintain good mental and as well as physical health.
Story by: Jordan Moore
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Make A Run For It: It’s Good For You

Running can be a pain to think about, but you might be surprised by all the benefits procured from the miracle pill.