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The Deterioration of Superheroes

Buildings break down as two of the most powerful beings fight in the city. Sonic booms and Earth shattering clashes ring out across the world. Blow after blow, punch after punch, the hero struggles against […]

The Power of Black Representation

Photo source: Inspirations Magazine

When minorities are pushed to the front of a sci-fi story and given the cool powers, ambitious (and satisfyingly unrealistic) love story, and hero’s journey, it allows them to think beyond the sad reality.

Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler-Free Review (with noted spoiler section at end)

A review on the MCU’s latest installment in their Avengers franchise

Avengers V. Justice League

D.C.’s Justice League was released in theaters just over a month ago, and it’s time to compare it to it’s Marvel counterpart, The Avengers.