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Finding Their Way: Redistricted Students Adjust to Atholton

Story by: Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly
Photo Courtesy of: Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly

Walking through the halls of high school for the very first time is always a challenge. Students struggle to find classes, make new friends, and understand new procedures. This year, for one particular group, coming to Atholton proved to be more difficult than usual–and they weren’t freshmen.

Digital Learning Center

Students will be getting the choice to join a digital learning to finish their school year

Green and Global: Biden’s Climate Summit

Story by: Neel Singh
Image Courtesy of: Greenpeace

The Difficulties of Preparing for the AP Exams in the COVID Era

In the era of COVID-19, the already challenging AP exams have become significantly harder. With all the extra complications students are facing this year as well as the added stress of the pandemic itself, this year’s testing is bound to be an uphill battle. 

Teachers Taking Action: The Impact of Work to Rule on Students

Caroline Perret Staff Reporter 23 April 2021 The Be the Change club was able to have a very successful start during the coronavirus pandemic–that is until February 18, when their sponsor broke the news. Work […]

Howard County sports return: Weighing the pros and cons.

Thalia Shoemaker Staff Reporter March 15, 2021 After a very long wait with the cancelation of two sports seasons since the COVID-19 pandemic began, high school fall sports are finally starting again. As COVID-19 continues […]

Your Going-Back-to-School Questions Answered

What’s with 85-minute classes, lunch, and more, as answered by Ms. Jennifer Mallo, Atholton’s district representative at Howard County Board of Education meetings.
Story by: Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock
Photo Courtesy of: Rye Bean

The End of a Century-Long Reign: the Future of Test-Optional Policies

This past admissions year, seniors were given a new college application experience that has sparked a movement away from the SAT and ACT, standardized tests that had dominated high school students’ minds for nearly one hundred years. Due to COVID-19 lockdown procedures, the College Board has been unable to administer the SAT and ACT tests. As such, many universities have adopted test-optional policies in the interim, creating a new frontier for college admissions as they navigate life without standardized tests.

Asian Student Union Will Host Lunar New Year Celebration!

Rebecca Leger Ryen Eley Neel Singh Staff Reporters February 19, 2021 Photo Courtesy of ASU instagram: @atholtonasu Xin (seen) nian (nee-an) kuai (koo-why) le (luh)! 新年快乐!– This is the Chinese phrase for “Happy New Year!” […]

Missing School Spirit? PAC is Bringing It Back!

Principal’s Advisory Committee plans tutoring, online assembly and student immersion alongside recounting the food drive and office hours. Image courtesy of Nikki Farnham, displaying school spirit pre-COVID at Atholton.