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Marvel Studios Has a Hulk-Sized Problem

Story by: Laycie Gullion
Image Courtesy of: Marvel

School Lunch Review

Story by: Leila Shawel
Image Courtesy of: Leila Shawel

You’re in your 4th period class with a rumbling stomach waiting for the lunch bell to ring. After what seems like ages, you finally hear the ding of the bell indicating that it’s now time to rush to the lunchroom. Lined up eager to see what’s in store and what might fill your hungry stomach. You end up in front of the door to the cafeteria and smell the enticing aroma of whatever might be for lunch today. “What would you like today?” you’re asked. A tray of food is given to you, then seated at a table with a group of friends, you take off your mask and take the magical first bite of lunch. Your hunger is finally satisfied. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Thomas Rosenblum Staff Reporter 9 February 2022 “It was the best movie ever created in the Marvel Universe,” said Iman Mbi. He is talking about the movie that has taken the world by storm. The […]

Teachers vs Students Music Taste

Written By: Maria Emmons Rap, Country, Pop, Rock, the ongoing debate… What is the best genre of music? Between students and teachers at Atholton, what are the differences in their music taste?  Are there differences?  […]

The Problem with the School Curriculum

Story by: Mary Wilkinson

Image courtesy: lithub.com

A Recap of the Top Video Games of 2021

Story by: Ava Mantzouranis
Image courtesy of: designyourway.net

5 Olympic Sports To Know About This Winter

Story by: Evan Huggins
Image Courtesy of: Google

The year is 1980. You’re either at home glued to the TV or in Lake Placid, New York watching a ragtag team of U. college students beat the dominant Soviet Union on the ice. With no seconds left you’re either going crazy in the crowd or hearing Al Michaels shout ,“DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?!” Hockey is a staple sport for the olympics, but what sports are not so known in the olympics. Sledding sports have been around for a while, and yet they always slept on.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Rangos

Story By: Quinny Boyle
Image Courtesy Of: Ms. Rangos