Thomas Rosenblum

Staff Reporter

9 February 2022

“It was the best movie ever created in the Marvel Universe,” said Iman Mbi. He is talking about the movie that has taken the world by storm. The new addition to the Spider-man series,

Spiderman: No Way Home, has been given immense  positive feedback from viewers. People describe the film as nostalgic or suspenseful. Spider-Man: No Way Home is an entertaining film filled with excellent acting, nostalgia, magnificent action sequences and an astonishing idea to bring in former franchise characters.” says Lanthorn, a well-respected critic website. With this movie being widely praised , I decided to watch it, but was rather disappointed. 

The movie felt like it was trying to be too many things in a short amount of time. The random mix of trying to garnish sympathy for the villains, romance factor, everyone having their own specific and different motivations that did not flow well with the others; it all felt like too much and just filler. “The romance attempt in the movie was cheap and not thoughtful whatsoever,” said Marco Johnson, a student who watched the movie. 

The drive for Tom Holland’s character for the whole movie was to try and fix the problems of the villains that came to his timeline, instead of sending them back to their main timeline, which would be an easier solution because there would be no threat or destruction to society, eliminates risk of issues arising, etc. The whole conflict and climax could have been avoided entirely if Holland’s character was not as naive as he was. Also, the entire conflict for the movie does not matter. The ending was how everyone had to forget who Tom Holland’s character was because of an entirely different issue from the main issue in the movie of how the villains had to be cured for the whole film. It felt like the entire movie up to the ending did not matter. The whole plot ended up being pointless in the end because the resolution would not have changed if all the previous conflicts and key events were different.

A lot of people were very excited to see the previous actors for Spider-man, Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, being introduced all together in the movie. However, I just did not seem to find interest in them coming in. Their role in the movie felt pointless. “The multiverse could have made Garfield and Maguire tangible elements of the MCU, and the same goes for their cavalcade of respective villains, but instead they are little more than forced cameos with awful dialogue and half-baked action sequences that feel painfully out of place,” said TheGamer, news website on entertainment.  Also, with the safety of three superheroes, the climax of the fight felt boring and low-risk. If there was only one superhero fighting the villians in the end, it would have had everyone on their seats if there was only one superhero fighting the villians in the end. 

Additionally, the villains were flat and uninteresting. They felt as if they only had one personality trait. Electro just wanted power, the lizard was always angry, and the Green Goblin was mentally unstable. The villains were not abstract at all. They were boring and were not intriguing.

The whole film felt like the type of movie to watch  when you just want to be entertained with no needed thinking to fully understand the plot. However, many people, such as Ryan Markelov, described the movie as a “masterpiece”. It was worth the watch, but not to the extreme that people have been saying. 

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