Nick Perlin
Social Media Director
November 2, 2016

     And the winner is… Holly Edsall. Holly Edsall is not the average high school girl slumming in the hallways wearing sweats. Her skills on and off the field separate her from many other students at the school. Not only does she display incredible speed on the track and soccer field, but she also is known for her contagious smile and fierce competitive nature. After a tough loss, people might be scared off by Edsall’s angry look. After a victory, however, she acts as her loud and hyper-self, showing off her pearly whites.
      Many people see Edsall as an  extremely motivated girl completing an insane workout regimen. One thing that makes Edsall such a great athlete is her hardwork and dedication towards the sports she loves, something she values more than anything.
      “I wake up and pray, and then I realize that there are 10,000 kids that want the same thing I do, so I have to work hard to beat them out,” Edsall said
      Teammates view Edsall as a leader, known for her loud voice, and her strictly business attitude, as well her ability to guide her team through adversity.
      “She always motivates us to do better and is great at spreading energy. She always gets us going and helps us keep pushing through adversity by simply smiling and cheering on the rest of the team,”said teammate Vannejsha Hill-Edwards.
      Edsall’s track coach, Coach Alverado, also talked about her leadership ability.
      “She is a spectacular leader.” He continued, mentioning that Edsall recognizeI can’t believe she sees the value of what she can bring to the team.”
      Edsall is also a big part of the Atholton soccer team. As a striker, she uses her speed to get open shots deep into the opposing team’s zone. Soccer is very important to Edsall as it teaches her teamwork skills that aren’t emphasized in her individual track events.
      “Soccer is physical and you can body [check] people, and in track you can not push people. Soccer shows that you need to build up slowly in order to reach your goal and it takes time to move the ball and get a shot,” Edsall said. “Everybody has to play well and play together because it uses a lot of teamwork and strategy just like in life.”
       Most athletes have a hero, or someone they aspire to be like from a young age. However, Edsall does not have a specific athlete that she looks up to or measures herself against.
      “There is not an athlete that I love. I care about my performance for God and not wasting the gifts that He has given me. I don’t want to take it for granted. I know there are people working hard and using God’s gifts. I would hate to not work hard when others are,” Edsall said.
      Edsall always was a gifted athlete; however, it took her a while to realize just how special she was. Once she realized her potential to be a major track star, she was no longer satisfied with simply doing enough to get by.
      “Freshman and Sophomore year I had a hard time and had very low standards for myself,” said Edsall. “I found God, and I figured out how special I was. I was more than what I made myself out to be. Once I saw that, I wanted to work hard to make sure I didn’t go back to being mediocre.”


Holly is a special athlete because she is fearless on the track. She puts 100% effort in every workout and race. She always strives to do more regardless of her performance

       Edsall strongly encourages that everyone should value hard work. She wants everyone to know how bright the light is at the end of the tunnel.
       “The feeling of knowing what you accomplished is so great. When you fail and you did not work at all, it is the worst feeling ever. The end result always makes the hard work worth it.”
      Track is a very competitive and time consuming sport. Edsall points out that track teaches many lessons such as mental toughness, and it is not merely sprinting across a track.
      “Track teaches you to be mental. There is a time and place in a race where you think that you can not continue but keep pushing, and you keep going,” Edsall said.
      Track has also given Edsall many fond memories, such as the Junior Olympics. Even though she was injured she referred to it as “a great experience.” Despite all of her great wins, her greatest memory was last year at states.
      “Fanny Yayi was going to run in place of Alex Hargeret because she got hurt. Alex was favored to win first place but since she got hurt, Fanny had to run and it was amazing because it made us all come together as a team one last time and cheer her on, even though we didn’t win first. It was bigger than the race.”
      In the past, Edsall has done a great job bringing her team together. She is truly a special player, even recognized by Coach Alverado.
      “Holly is a special athlete because she is fearless on the track. She puts 100% effort in every workout and race. She always strives to do more regardless of her performance.”
Edsall points out that with technology, many people have become selfish don’t work hard to better their community, often times taking things for granted.
       “We’re in a selfish generation. Our generation is only about bettering ourselves over the community. We only work to make only ourselves better and we do the minimum and are satisfied with what we have. People forget that it’s not money that defines you. It’s about the goals you set and how hard you work to achieve them.”
      Edsall is a fierce competitor and uses hard work as a leverage over many opponents. She believes in herself and does her best to improve her skills in order to better her team. All that hard work can sure make people hungry. Edsall agrees. Her favorite pregame snack is “anything you put in front of my face.”


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