Jake Feldman
Staff Reporter
February 6, 2017

    On January 31, 2017, Atholton JROTC Cadets went to Walter Reed Hospital to present two checks to the hospital’s cancer ward. During JROTC’s Cancer Awareness Week during late October, Atholton raised over $1,300 in an effort to support Walter Reed Hospital’s Cancer Ward.

    “During lunch shifts, we would have Cadets stay after and go around promoting Cancer Awareness by selling t-shirts, bracelets, and receiving donations from students.” said JROTC Cadet Paul Won.

    Elly VanVranken, Navette Mann, and Gloria Ogordi are the Cadets who presented the checks. These Cadets played an important role in fundraising and organizing the events. VanVranken is one of the top two leaders in the JROTC battalion and presented the checks with a speech about how the money was raised.

    The Cancer Center at Walter Reed Hospital is a military healthcare facility that provides cancer treatment and patient-family support services. The Cancer Center also offers its patients access to cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies. The hospital collaborates with other Cancer Centers to increase possibilities for the best cancer treatment and enhance the power of cancer care dollars.

    According to VanVranken, the crowd consisted of around 40 people who were very thankful for the generous donation from Atholton’s JROTC.

    This is not the first time JROTC has fundraised for a good cause this year. Around December of 2016, JROTC gathered together to put water, food, socks, and other basic necessities to give to Grassroots in order to help the homeless. JROTC is very consistent in assisting our community and showcasing their leadership skills.

     Walter Reed Hospital will be using the raised money for necessities such as patient education, hospitality, and more to provide the best care for their patients possible.

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