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In light of the recent travel ban signed by president Donald Trump, the Atholton High School Student Government Association is planning a spirit day for Tuesday, February 7th, when students can wear green in support of the Atholton Muslim community.

     “Arjun Nair, our secretary, recommended wearing the color green,” said SGA President Samantha Greenblatt, “which we had recently learned in English class is the color of Islam.”

Mr. Stuppy, the teacher-sponsor of the SGA said,  “The students were interested in showing support for the school.” According to Greenblatt, the decision to create the spirit day was unanimous and immediate.

“The students were interested in showing support for the school.”

“Besides wearing green, we hope that people will show their support of fellow Muslim students, whether it is through a simple smile to a fellow student, a post or like online, or even through attending a march or rally,” Greenblatt said.

     The travel ban put into place by Trump has affected many families from the banned countries. The hearing that will decide whether the ban can be reinstated or not will occur on Tuesday, the day of the spirit day. For now, the ban is lifted, and families are emotionally reuniting at airports. However, if Trump wins the hearing, the ban will be back in place.

When a group of people is in trouble, it is only logical for others to want to help. The SGA is doing just that with this event. Something as little as donning green apparel just might make all the difference in someone’s day.

Posted by Max Crider

Max Crider is a 17-year-old senior hailing from Atholton High School. He has recently been converted to the wonderful religion of hockey and, in tandem, is a football fanatic. The only current member of the Raider Review to have been on the staff since freshman year, he aspires to forge a legendary career in the sports broadcasting industry.

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