Aliza Saunders
Features Editor
May 15, 2016

     Before last week, the extent of my relationship with psychics was watching the TLC television series Long Island Medium, where medium Theresa Caputo supposedly talks to spirits. While I wouldn’t consider myself a skeptic, I have never been fully convinced of the power of psychics. So I decided to see a psychic myself.

    After arriving ten minutes late to our appointment at The Horoscope Shop, fellow journalist Kate DeBlasis and I were not-so-patiently waiting for the arrival of fellow journalist Claire Silberman, who also claimed to be waiting outside The Horoscope Shop. How could we both be at the same place and not see each other? Was it the workings of psychic? Had she messed with our brains and teleported our friend?

   In fact, no she had not, and Claire was at the OTHER Horoscope Shop about five minutes down the road. Who would have thought that there was such a high market for psychic readings, but apparently, and for a fairly good reason, there is.

    Now, after arriving over thirty minutes late to our appointment, we cautiously opened the door a small, white bricked building with a fluorescent “Psychic Readings” sign glowing to the right of the entrance. As we stepped into the carpeted room, Nadia, the psychic there, stood up for the couch she was sitting on to greet us. Her adorable toddler son waved to us after looking up from his toys.

    We decided to go for a group reading with a $20 rate per person. (This seemed a bit expensive to me, but it was a much better deal than some of the other psychics we found.) Nadia let us into a very small, almost closet-like room. The tie-dyed orange tapestry of the Mayan calendar on the back wall, the purple geode on the table, the and the array of religious objects on the bookshelf —including a Jewish prayer shawl and paschal candle—all added the mystical aura.

    I sat on a regal white chair across from Nadia with a small table in between us. She began my session by asking my full name and date of birth. To be honest, I was horrified she would utilize this information for something, but I put some trust in Nadia and her powers.

    Nadia looked to the ground, looking as if she was searching for answers or, well, my soul. Nadia told me she gathered that I was a light blue: selfless and kind. Which, I believe, is pretty accurate. She started by seeing my future; she told me will have three kids, a extremely successful career, and live until about 88 to 90. Whether or not that information is true, it gave me a lot of comfort, especially with all the stress surrounding college and career.

    Nadia strangely got a few other things right about my life: the ending to my past relationship, my trips this coming summer, and recent stress during school. However, some things she mentioned I was unaware of: my upcoming finances and a strained relationship with a family member.

    Nadia often said that she felt good connections and relationships coming soon, whether it be familial or romantic. The session was extremely comforting overall; she often used the phrase “I sense positive energy around this situation” and “you should be looking forward to this.”

    I then asked Nadia if she could sense the presence of my late grandmother. She said she could and told me there was a specific piece of jewelry that my grandmother wanted to me to have. She then said that my grandmother is almost ‘over to the other side.’

    Both Claire and Kate’s session were extremely interesting, too. Nadia again mentioned travel plans (or lack thereof) and correctly analyzed their relationship statuses.  

    Nadia, who has been a psychic for over 20 years, said that she believes everyone has a bit of a psychic gift like her, but the difference lies in how people utilize and understand this gift. With that in mind, who knows how many people in this world have connections with the spirits.

    While I can never be sure if Nadia, or any psychic of that matter, is truly seeing my soul or simply reading my body language, I do know Nadia’s words filled me with satisfaction, comfort, and positive energy. On the car ride back, the three of us made a pact to come back once a year so that Nadia can again predict our futures.

Posted by Aliza Saunders

A senior at Atholton, Aliza Saunders took journalism last year and was on the editing team, writing about topics ranging from a student's travels in Malaysia to school start times. Over the summer, she traveled to Israel and Poland and got to hike along Mediterranean Sea. Aliza has a passion for all things from Chipotle to social advocacy to tennis.