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Each summer kids are left home while their parents go to work. These kids are left home wondering what to eat. Wonder no more. Below is a list of foods that you should and should not eat while you are home alone for lunch. The difficulty to make each meal (10 being hardest) and tastiness (10 being best) are taken into account. The tastiness is measured based off the opinion of an amateur food critic, me.
Bagel Bites – Eat
Everybody likes bagels. Everybody likes pizza. Put them together and stick it in the microwave. An easy creation with a luscious flavor that gets your tastebuds going crazy for more. Bagel bites are a lunch sensation that can be eaten every day, and you’ll never get sick of them. The next time your parents go food shopping, make sure this is on their list.
Difficulty: 2
Tastiness: 9
Noodles – Don’t Eat
Noodles have a great taste but is it worth the effort? The amount of time and effort put into creating these penne or bow ties is way out of a kids league. The stove is way to sophisticated for us kids and by the time we figure out how to work it, we have to wait another 20 minutes. Noodles require a proficient level of cooking and they are just not worth it.
Difficulty: 9
Tastiness: 7
Hot Pockets – Eat but be careful
Hot pockets might be the most basic meal that is served hot. These are obviously the finest creations that any generation has ever made. As simple as putting it in the microwave and hitting 2 minutes, then start. But beware, some flavors are gross such as the sausage, egg and cheese and the jalapeno chicken. Do look out for the four cheese pizza and cheesesteak, those are awesome.
Difficulty: 2
Tastiness: 8
Chicken – Don’t Eat
Your parents already make enough of this. I know my family indulges in chicken (not willingly)   3-4 times a week.  This also requires an oven or grill and that is simply too much work. Don’t forget your parents put a special marinade on their chicken so it won’t taste the same.
Difficulty: 10
Tastiness: 8
Easy Mac (Macaroni and Cheese) – Eat
The person who created this should be in the history textbooks. They are legends. Easy Mac can be put right into the microwave and cooked to perfection in less than 3 minutes. Macaroni in 3 minutes, no strings attached. The cheese on these little packs of noodles is just as good if not better than normal macaroni and cheese. Half the time you make this the plastic will melt into your meal and the whole house will smell like burnt plastic, but it is definitely worth it.
Difficulty: 3
Tastiness: 8
Peanut Butter And Jelly – Don’t Eat
Eating a peanut butter and jelly is a dangerous game to play. These are probably the easiest thing to make, just bread and two spreads. However, this gets old quick. This is coming from someone that suffered through the poignant smell of peanut butter and jelly for 7 straight years of school lunches. Maybe one sandwich won’t harm you, but do not eat these more than once a week!
Difficulty: 1
Tastiness: 5
Reheated Dinner – Eat
This is the Michael Jordan of lunches. Each week, for 6-7 nights, most families will eat a homemade meal and have leftovers. These leftovers can then be put into the microwave and will taste the same as the night before. This is the easiest while still being the best meal to have and even though it may be chicken, this time it will have your mom’s marinade/seasoning. So next time you’re eating dinner, make sure you get a tupperware and put the leftovers in the fridge.
Difficulty: 3
Tastiness: 10


Posted by Andrew Berman

Andrew Berman is in his junior year here at Atholton and this is his second year taking Journalism. Andrew’s brothers took Journalism before they graduated from AHS which encouraged him to join. He is an avid eater in his free time and especially likes to eat cucumbers. Andrew additionally enjoys playing sports with his friends but does not like to do work. Lastly, he also loves to watch The Office.