Jake Feldman
Sports Editor
October 24, 2017

It’s the day before the big exam, you’re feeling anxious. You feel like you forgot to study a subject or two, you receive the exam, and have no clue how to answer number one. With the following tips you will never endure this devastation ever again.

DO: “I listen to classical music while studying because it is scientifically proven to attribute more brain power to help you study and focus” -Junior Francis Lapid

DO: “I like to listen to slow chill songs, nothing fast like rap”-Sophomore Nick Allen

Sorry, but you’re going to have to turn off Uzi if you want to study. If you listen, classical music is highly recommended because it is not distracting and helps you focus. Hip hop, pop, or whatever you prefer will distract you while studying because you will be too busy trying to sing the entire chorus rather than trying to solve for x.

DO: “When you find out the date of the test, start studying that day ”
Junior William Na

DON’T: “Well, I studied the morning of for one of my tests” -Junior Alexander Shaqir

Listen to William. When your teacher gives you the date of the exam, start studying. But don’t study everything at once–you should spread the information you are studying out with the amount of days in between the test to avoid cramming. Do not study the morning of unless it’s your permit test.

DO: “Rewrite your notes in a different way, look for the main ideas, and if your teacher says it more than once, it’s on the test”-Ms. Tache, Social Studies Department
Usually when writing down notes in class, you try to make sure all the information is written rather than actually comprehending the subject. Rewriting your notes is an excellent way to study because it refreshes your brain by making old information new.

DON’T: “I use Flashcards or read the words, cover them up, and try to guess them all right in one try”-Sophomore Nick Allen

It’s 2017, nobody wants to sit down and write flashcards. You can use the app Quizlet to make virtual flashcards and test yourself. This will be far more efficient than writing down every word and definition because most of us can type on our phones faster than we can write. Also, you can use emoticons and abbreviations to help you remember information.

DO: “Take 15 minute breaks for every 30 minutes you study”-Junior Francis Lapid
Taking breaks in between studying makes sure you are actually retaining the information because when your break ends, you will more likely remember the information you have just studied. This also helps because if you study for one hour straight, your brain could be overwhelmed with information and “blank” during the test.

If you have an upcoming test or quiz, try to implement some of these tips into your study routine and see what works and what doesn’t. But even with all these tips implemented, we will never be able to retain information like the almighty Sheldon Cooper.

Posted by Jake Feldman

Jake Feldman is a junior and this is his second year taking journalism. He enjoys playing basketball and video games. During the summer, Jake likes to go swimming at his local pool. He enjoys eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and when he is not eating there, Jake likes dining on chicken.