Andrew Berman
Staff Reporter
October 12, 2017

On the Friday before homecoming, the whole school took to the football field to witness the annual pep rally. This years pep rally featured dancing, jumbo soccer and many more activities. This pep rally took a lot of planning and coordination, but it was well worth the effort.
“My favorite part was how each grade stuck to their color and were all grouped to-
gether in the bleachers,” continued a junior, Ella Farris, “It was cool to see each grade go all out to show their school spirit and chant out fun chants.” While many found the atmosphere electric, the underclassmen didn’t get the same experience from the outside ends of the bleachers.
“I didn’t like how since I was on the end, I could not hear the speakers at all, so, the atmosphere wasn’t as good for us. But I really liked all the activities, especially jumbo soccer,” said Matt MacDonald, a sophomore. The pep rally began when the seniors rushed the field and the emcees announced all the varsity teams. The allied soccer team especially got a standing ovation for their impressive performance. Seniors then led “the wave” down the field and each grade did their own cheers.
Later in the pep rally, jumbo soccer was a huge hit. First juniors played freshman and seniors faced off against sophomores. Juniors and seniors met in the championship, of course, and seniors emerged victorious.
After this took place, the homecoming court was announced. Under the relatively new format, any two people regardless of gender can win–this year only one male was on the court. A host of different people made this pep rally possible: “Our SGA groups met almost everyday to make sure our pep rally was awesome and it was!” said rep-
resentative and junior Sarah Propst.
Not only did the SGA put in countless hours, marching band spent a lot of time practicing their contribution. They played the spirited fight song along with a selection
of other upbeat tunes. On the way out, band performed many songs as they
marched into the school. “We worked really hard to hype up the school and
train. It took many hours and a lot of work to perfect these songs,” said Zoe Shi, a sophomore in marching band.
All together, the well planned pep rally was the perfect conclusion to an amazing spirit week.

Posted by Andrew Berman

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