Nickie Giglio
Opinions Editor
October 24, 2017


Just one month into the 2017-2018 school year, spirit week kicked off Atholton’s beloved homecoming weekend. The themes for this year were Maryland Monday, Tiki Tuesday, Watching T.V. Wednesday, Twin Thursday, and finally, Color Day.

“It’s unity in the school. We’re all wearing stupid costumes but it’s for a good reason. It’s fun watching everyone experiment with new themes and everything,” senior Emma Danaher said. “Spirit week is homecoming for me. I’m excited for dressing up, [though] I don’t wanna go to the pep rally and I don’t go to homecoming. Everyone’s getting in the spirit.”

Not only does spirit week harbor excitement for the activities to come, it also creates an environment that fosters a sense of community among the students. “It gets everyone pumped,” said Savanna Wright, a sophomore at Atholton High School.

The general consensus seems to be that having an event like this encourages students to grow closer. It assists in the formation of friendships, and introduces students to one another. T.J. White, sophomore, stated, “You bond with people over what you’re doing. I bonded with two new people today over my costume.”

Some of the students’ favorite themes for this year were Watching T.V. Wednesday, Twin Day, and Color Day. “In all honesty, I love Watching T.V. Wednesday, cause you get to dress up as your favorite T.V. characters,” said White.

Danaher, on the other hand, preferred “Twin Thursday or Color Day, because I feel like I put the most effort into those. For Thursday I got to dress up really cute, but then I also really liked Color Day, because that’s also a theme you can go all out on.”

Students also have suggestions as to what they’d like to see in future spirit weeks. There was an overwhelming amount of support for a Meme Day, already appropriately dubbed “Meme Monday.”

“I honestly believe that if we had a Meme Day, that everyone would actually get really into that and almost everyone would dress up. I guarantee it, I guarantee it,” White said. He commented on another popular suggestion, “Fandom Friday.” While it is similar to “Watching T.V. Wednesday,” the students still believe that it would be a success. “I feel like, if we add one of these days, everyone would do it because it’s one of their things,” said White.

Overall, this year’s spirit week seemed to be a big hit; many students are looking forward to the spirit weeks to come. While the seniors have the privilege of a second spirit week later on in the school year, the underclassmen are, unfortunately, going to have a wait an entire year before they can enjoy another school-wide costume party.

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