Adrienne Vaughn
Staff Reporter
November 7, 2017


1. Playtest

A tourist looking for money enlists in a video gaming trial that combines his fears with a virtual reality that results in his death.


2. San Junipero

This episode revolves around elderly lovers in another dimension that only meet in this dimension when euthanized by San Junipero. This allows them to live youthfully and together in their decade of choice. One of the only happy episodes of Black Mirror.


3. Man Against Fire

Government induced genocide. Sounds horrible, but an incredibly thought provoking episode.


4. The Entire History of You

Obsessed with the idea that his wife is cheating on him, the lead character analyzes recordings, taken by his visual implant, of his wife’s interactions with her alleged partner.

Honorable mentions:White Bear, White Christmas, and The National Anthem,

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