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Jake Feldman
Sports Editor
7 November 2017

     We have all had the argument of what the scariest movie of all time is, whether it’s the torment people endure in Saw, the horrendous nightmares coming to life in A Nightmare on Elm Street, or Jason’s killing spree in Halloween. In order to find the scariest movie of all time, we asked students of Atholton for their opinion.

I = Other person who agrees with the movie being the scariest.

The Conjuring
    “The movie is just like a lot of jump scares and a little girl gets possessed with other supernatural events happening with the characters,” said junior Andrew Waxman.

Finding Nemo
    “I thought Nemo was going to get lost forever,” said junior Connor Lehner.

Burnt Offerings
    “It’s about a family who moves into a summer home for really cheap, and the home turns out to be haunted,” said junior Zach Garrigus. “The Shining was very heavily based on it.”

The Thing
    “All the weird things animatronics, body horror, and all the gross stuff freaked me out,” said senior Alex Lutz.

The Exorcist
    “I was something that came out when I was a very small child,” said social studies teacher Mr. Midkiff. “It was a movie that I saw bits and pieces of and refused to watch all the way through.”

    After evaluation, the supposed scariest movie of all time goes to The Conjuring. The Conjuring is a movie about paranormal investigators that are called by a family that has recently moved into their new house, where a supernatural presence has made itself evident. Although October has ended, you can commemorate the spookiness of walking home alone in the dark through The Conjuring.

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