Jake Feldman
Sports Editor
26 March 2018

   On March 12, the cafeteria was filled with lively music and eager students, as they milled about the decorative booths complete with colorful posters and ethnic food. All the elements worked together to create the welcoming and vibrant environment that is Multicultural Night. Student Leadership Cadre (SLC) has been discussing and planning Multicultural Event since the beginning of the year.
    “It is extremely important to experience different cultures,” said Ms. Coates, Hispanic Student Union adviser. “Not only does it broaden our perspective on life and on the world, but it also gives us a better understanding of ourselves and our own cultures.”     
    Atholton High School’s SLC hosts Multicultural Night every year. The night focuses on educating the community about the different cultures that exist all around us. Delicious food and impeccable dance moves are just a few of the things that make Multicultural Night an event “you can’t miss,” according to junior Erin Duncan.
    Many clubs had their own unique way of showcasing their culture. The Muslim Student Awareness Club booth had a board about diversity in Islam. French Honors Society prepared macaroons, a popular French dessert, decorated in the colors of the French flag. Hispanic Student Union and National Spanish Honor Society provided different aspects of their culture through diverse dishes, such as mole. Black Student Union cooked injera, a traditional Ethiopian flatbread. Jewish Student Union provided rugelach and challah because as you know, “there will always be food,” according to Ally Merwitz.
    Several students presented music performances throughout the night. Student musical club Share The Music performed Libertango to open the evening, and student band Loaded Brass played a popular song mashup, including Eye Of The Tiger, to finish off the night.
    Atholton’s Senior Dance Company also wowed the crowd with their performance that consisted of elegant dance moves and scarves. Sarah Propst, one of the dancers, said the dance represents “the coming together of all different cultures.”
    “Culture has a strong influence on people,” said Ms. Coates. “It’s the basic essence of who we are in community with one another.”
    Culture allows people to express themselves and their best qualities, and Multicultural Night allows students to learn more about other cultures as well as their own.
    This year’s Multicultural Night was no exception to the list of past successful nights. The Kahoot, performances, presentations, and food helped bring many together to learn about the diverse cultures that exist all around our community. At the end of the day, we all do it for the culture.

Posted by Jake Feldman

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