Craig Harvey
Staff Reporter
May 16, 2018

Crabs, superlatives, more crabs and a performance! On Tuesday, May 1st, Atholton High School seniors gathered for the annual Senior Crab Feast held in the cafeteria. Organized by the fabulous Mrs. Dalton, the event went off without a hitch.

Students entered the cafeteria to be taken aback by the display of crabs, salad, fruit salad, mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies and last but not least, Chick-fil-a platters. The tables were covered with thick brown construction paper along with a roll of paper towels in order to decrease the mess the hungry crab-feasters were bound to make. Although not included with the meal, a few Old Bay cans made some appearances on the premises.

“The best part of the Crab Feast had to be the crabs. Not only were they delicious but also fun to eat–especially when watching your friends who have no idea what they’re doing,” said senior Melanie Kavka, who ate 10 crabs at the feast.

Maryland is known for many things–from lacrosse to sailing to the quirky flag. But above all else, The Old Line State is known for its crabs and Old Bay. Senior crab feasts have been a long standing tradition in Maryland and this shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Apart from stuffing their faces, it gives the seniors a chance to gather and bond over their quickly fleeting time left in high school.

“I think it’s good we do something like this. We don’t get that many chances to have fun as a class before we graduate,” said senior Justin Reese.

The Class of 2018 was cheerful and excited to make the most of the Crab Feast. In true Marylander fashion, seniors donned red shirts with bold yellow lettering. Students took pictures for The Gram with the festive decorations, played cornhole with the painted boards and held up crabs

The Class of ‘18 event included not only the announcing of senior superlatives, but also a small talent show MC’d by Emily Gelb. Molly Lea’s glorious rendition of “Dancing Queen” had the students on their feet clapping and singing along. Then, yearbook editors Tyler Berbarian and Michelle Bellefeuille announced the senior superlatives and handed out the green, white and black sashes as the mob of seniors in the cafeteria hooted and hollered. Among the recipients included Adrienne Vaughn and Jake Perretti for most athletic, and Jack Lawrence and Christianna Kelly as most spirited.

The Crab Feast would not have been possible without English teacher Mrs. Dalton. Although it was her first time planning a senior crab feast, she and the Class of 2018 SGA worked diligently in order to make sure that no one left the event feeling crabby.

Posted by Craig Harvey

Craig is a Senior at Atholton who lives in Columbia. He keeps up with all the fashion trends. You will never see him in an outfit that is not up to date and fresh. In his free time he likes to play basketball, look at clothes, and sleep. He also worked a pac sun, plays Xbox, and goes thrift shopping. A big part of his life is hanging with friends. Craig is very competitive and likes to win. His favorite show to watch on netflix is Breaking Bad. At school he is involved in DECA and is also on the lacrosse team.