by: Andrew Berman

February 4, 2019

     “My nugget calculator didn’t take off as planned,” Andy Boulle said. As his first website didn’t make the leap he was expecting, he decided to take his talents to a new project, “NoodleBeat,” a music streaming platform that he coded himself. As a senior at Atholton, Boulle has contributed to the creation of the Atholton Raider Time sign up website with his computer science class and has made multiple websites with his own code.
     “I made [NoodleBeat] to give my friends that make music a platform to share it,” Boulle said, specifically citing his friend, Atholton Senior, Drew Pruett.
      Pruett had accumulated over 10,000 views on soundcloud during his tenure there, under the alias “5’2 Drew,” but he failed to have his music get popular outside of Howard County. Boulle hopes to increase his audience with Noodlebeat’s download feature that Boulle created to help small artists around the country and the world have a chance to get popular. By giving producers their own platform, Boulle instantly expanded Noodlebeat to any artists allowing them to share their link to their song on any platform or put their mp3 file directly onto the website.
     Using html code, css and php, Boulle launched Noodlebeat on January 13th, 2019 with almost all the features you can get now on the website, including profiles, featured songs and filters to browse through songs. Along with the website going live, Noodlebeat also launched an official instagram page (@noodlebeatofficial) and a twitter page (@noodlebeat) to inform users of updates and featured songs.
      Although Noodlebeat is in tough competition with Spotify, Apple music, and tidal, etc. Boulle hopes that the downloading feature and more personalized touch for smaller artists will make the difference. Later plans for Noodlebeats include a whole redesign of the website in version 2.0.
     “None of my other websites were for a real purpose,” Boulle commented. “Noodlebeat is my first official website that I hope will become a full fledged business soon. The nugget calculator was just practice.” The nugget calculator that Boulle made his junior year is still running, offering users a way to determine how many nuggets they can get to either Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonalds or Chikfila with the amount of money they input. The nugget calculator can be found at
      With the rare amount of knowledge on programming Boulle has at such a young age, he hopes to continue his programming career in college and further in his career, “I really enjoy it and I want to make a living out of it.”

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Andrew Berman is in his junior year here at Atholton and this is his second year taking Journalism. Andrew’s brothers took Journalism before they graduated from AHS which encouraged him to join. He is an avid eater in his free time and especially likes to eat cucumbers. Andrew additionally enjoys playing sports with his friends but does not like to do work. Lastly, he also loves to watch The Office.