Mikaela Frazier

Staff Reporter

4 June 2021

As I walked through the outside tables of Hudson Coastal Raw Bar & Grill, I was greeted by the smell of seafood right away. The Hudson grill that I went to is located in Maple Lawn which is close to Reservoir High School. The smell reminded me that the seafood is fresh from the ocean and I was just ready to try it. As I opened the door with my family, there were these nice ladies at the front waiting to help. My family and I got seated outside as requested because of COVID. They told us that it would be about a 10 minute wait for an outside table but we barely waited 5 minutes! That for me already set my rating high! 

We were seated right away, but there was something that stuck out to me. One of the ladies inside looked very familiar. At first glance I just thought she was pretty but each time I looked at her she looked more and more familiar. I stayed to myself and just looked at the menu, but there she was again as our server. After she left the table, I said something to my parents: “Our server looks very familiar, I don’t know from where though.” My mind raced with places she could be from but none of the places listed made sense at the moment. “Really? Could she possibly be from school?” Both of my parents wondered. She came back and before I could even think of saying anything my dad said, “Excuse me, have you ever been to Atholton?” “Yes,” she replied, chuckling. At this point something clicked in my head and I just knew she knew what was going on immediately.“I’ve actually talked to her a few times.”she added, gesturing to me. Then I remembered that she was my upperclassmen buddy when I was a freshman.  It all began to make sense. It’s been over a year since we saw each other and this moment was kind of exciting. Now onto the food….

For our appetizers, we got the house biscuits and calamari. The house biscuits were really good. They are cheddar biscuits with an orange filling. The calamari was very good as well and came hot and fresh. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive and everything was fresh. At this point my rating was already 5 stars. Everything was great and there were no downfalls. The environment was quiet and was easy to converse with others. It was a nice and warm day as well. The tables were COVID friendly which means they were spread out and sanitized. 

Our actual food didn’t take long to arrive either. I ordered the cream of crab which is a creamy crab soup with Old Bay seasoning on top of it. I ordered that with sweet potato tater tots. I usually don’t like tater tots at all but these were good and crispy. My mom ordered the fish tacos and my dad ordered the caesar salad with old bay wings. They both enjoyed their meals a lot, especially my dad. My dad told me that the wings were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside with the perfect amount of old bay which made them very flavorful but not too salty. Sadly we were way too full for dessert, but enjoyed our time there as a family and do plan to go again.

My overall rating for the service, the food, how clean everything is, and the wait time is 5 stars. My family and I enjoyed it 100% and had to complaints or criticism. The other reviews that I found while googling the place are amazing as well. Looks like I was not the only one who thought the food was enjoyable.  The food is a little pricey and an average meal is around $25 but it’s all worth it! This restaurant has mostly 5 star reviews and its overall rating is 4.4.This is a great restaurant that everyone should try!

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