The Weeknd and Gunna are really Pushin P with these new released albums. I’m sure you have heard the hype of DS4Ever and Dawn FM and some of the popular songs including “Pushin P” which has blown up among many social media platforms..  Many of Gunnas album features include some of the most prominent artists in hip-hop right now, including Young Thug, Future, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage, and more took Gunnas album to the next level. The features don’t overshadow the project but compliment what Gunna brings to the table as an artist. No two songs sound the same on this project, making this a perfect conclusion to the Drip Season series while opening new doors for Gunna’s future. 

Although I liked Gunnas new album, some did not. Micah Howell, a junior at Atholton claims the only good song from Gunna is “Banking on Me pt.2” and “the rest of his songs are irrelevant”. Even though “Met Gala” is clearly better. However, Howell also claims that “Gunna has the voice but not the words.” I can agree with that much yet I still enjoy most of his songs.

Similarly, The Weeknd’s Dawn Fm along with many of the other Weeknd albums have a variety of songs. My personal favorite part of The Weeknd’s new albums is the transitions from the end of one song to the beginning of another. They are smooth and add an extra layer to the experience of listening. Right now my favorite Dawn FM song has to be “Is there Someone Else?” It has such gratifying beats and great lyrics. “Is There Someone Else?” and “Starry Eyes” are clear highlights, where his relationship paranoia peaks out in breathless ballads packed with occasional synths. According to “Sacrifice is an adrenaline-fuelled serving of electro-pop over stabbing chords and whiplash guitar licks.” Also, Billboard recently ranked “Less than Zero” as the #1 song on Dawn FM claiming “The blissfully sun-soaked, gut-wrenching heartbreak melodies and a synth “stairway to heaven” make Dawn FM’s penultimate track the most surefire hit.”Comparatively, both of these albums are different genres and are on completely different parts of the spectrum. Last year was somewhat disappointing when it came to new music but we are off to a great start this year and I can say that I honestly can’t pick one over the other. Between the instrumentals and the meaningful lyrics of Dawn FM and the hype of DS4EVER, both really show the artist styles of music and out do some of the past albums. I really recommend giving both these albums a listen because there is definitely at least one song for everyone.

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