Adwoa Serebour

Staff Reporter

8 February, 2022

Title credit: Imani Smith

During the early 2010’s, multiple Teen TV shows arose from the depths of money hungry 50 year old directors who thought they knew children. Big television companies had booming shows like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and New Girl. These shows were meant for  younger audiences, but provided mature content that many teenagers found un relatable, and downright senseless.

“Seeing mature scenes and stuff of that sort was kinda cringy,” said Charisma Pecot, a junior at Atholton.

In 2010, there weren’t many shows for teengaers that they could actually relate to. With shows like America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, there really wasn´t anything for teenages to engage with both of the best worlds: singing and dancing, and juicy  high school drama . So, Fox decided to mix the average highschool drama with a reject high school musical feel, creating the well-known show Glee

Was this really the best choice for Fox Network? Well, it was, viewership wise. The pilot episode had 9.62 million viewers with the demographic average of 67 percent in the 18-49 demographic and by 71 percent in teens. For the fandom though, it was a completely lackluster show. I do admit, as a singer and an avid music listener, that I was happy for my underground boy group in the middle nowhere getting a cover.Glee covers were The thing is, were the cover songs good and did they truly fit in with the show?

Now don’t get me wrong, Glee had a few covers that were well received and objectively good, but there were one too many covers that were a poor reflection of the original song. A baring example is their cover of “What does the Fox say.” However, I try to cut them some slack because no one can truly perform a good cover to that song. 

The main problem with the song covers is the fact that they added nothing important for the plot or characters other than being a way to show off their musical talents and fill empty space. Most of the songs had nothing to do with the story, they just slid in the songs that were owning the top charts at the time. 

Not only did the songs play a major role in the fandom’s disdain for the show, but the plot itself was very underwhelming. Throughout the first few seasons, viewers get to know more about the characters and relate with them. Later, viewers will miss former cast member, Cory Monteith, who was playing the love interest to Rachel (Lea Michelle). This ended up being a turning point for not only the story but real life. Fans took notice of the fact that after Monteith’s departure from the show, it became difficult for the writers to restructure the plot.  

Glee lost a lot of what made it charismatic as time went on. It had its highs and lows. A good take on the show is the realistic characters that made it easy for fans to relate to and feel–especially during emotional scenes like Finn’s death and Kurt’s coming out scene. Scenes like those had that factor. Still, the whole premise of Glee lost its momentum with the song choices and bad writing, which is why it will  go down in history as the worst show ever.

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