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28 April 2022

 (Ps… This will be the latest update from 4/20/2022)


Varsity Baseball: Record: 3-6, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent 3-4 Centennial High @Home

`JV Baseball: Record: 0-7, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent Centennial High @Home 

Varsity Softball: Record: 0-7, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent Centennial High @Away 

JV Softball: Record: 1-6, Next Game Fri 4/22, Opponent Wilde Lake High @Home 


Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Record 1-5, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent Marriotts Ridge High @Away 

JV Boys Lacrosse: Record 1-5, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent Howard High @Home

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Record 1-5, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent Howard High @Away 

JV Girls Lacrosse: Record 1-5, Next Game Wed 4/20, Opponent Howard High @Away

Track and Field

Boys top 10 finalist for 4/20/2022 meet:


Daniel Ogordi, 11.77a (8th fastest time)


Daniel Ogordi, 23.73a (Pr) (10th fastest time)


 Darian Tarver Jr, 50.26a (Pr) (Fastest time), 

Jameel Mbure, 52.21a (Pr) (3rd Fastest Time), 

Luke Nelson, 53.86a (6th Fastest Time),

Noah McCormick, 54.69a (Pr) (7th Fastest Time)


Ethan Mulcahy, 2:08.25a (Fastest Time),

Inay Kumar, 2:11.84 (Pr) (3rd Fastest Time)


Ethan Mulcahy, 4:34.94a (Pr) (Fastest Time),

Garry Diba, 4:54.64a (Pr) (4th Fastest Time)

Jason Jankoski, 4:55.72a (Pr) (5th Fastest Time)

Caleb Crawford, 4:57.99a (Pr) (9th Fastest Time)

110m Hurdles (Top 3 because there’s only 7 contestants)-

Gilberto Medina, 20.88a (Pr) (3rd Fastest Time)

300m Hurdles (Top 3 because there’s only 6 contestants)-

Simar Singh, 48.37a (3rd Fastest time)

4×100 Relay (Top 5)-

Atholton A- 

Malik Hemmeian, Jared Chernack, Jerome Colbert lll, Daniel Ogordi, 46.81a (2nd Fastest Time)

Atholton B-

Elijah Nyorkor, David Irabor, Amari Gravely-Smith, Gurtej Mann, 48.65a (4th Fastest Time)

4×400 Relay (Top 2)-

Atholton A- 

Emmanuel Dean, Vinay Kumar, Caleb Crawford, Garry Diba, 3:50.05a (Fastest Time)

Shot Put-

Juan Macatangay, 40-03.00 (Farthest distance)

Korede Sogbesan, 36-09.00 (Pr) (4th Farthest Distance)

Andrew Kutz, 36-00.00 (Pr) (5th Farthest Distance)


Juan Macatangay, 99-05 (SR) (3rd Farthest Distance)

High Jump-

Daniel Ogordi, 5-06.00 (6th Highest Jump)

Caleb Smith, 5-02.00 (10th Highest Jump)

Long Jump-

Malik Hemmeian, 19-01.00 (Pr) (Longest Jump)

Simar Singh, 16-09.50 (SR) (8th Longest Jump)

Caleb Smith, 16-09.50 (Pr) (9th Longest Jump)

Makai Morais, 16-07.50 (10th Longets Jump)

Triple Jump (Top 5 cause thers 8 10 contestinats)

Makai Morais, 35-10.00 (Pr) (3rd Longest Jump)

Girls Top 10 Finalist For 4/20/2022 meet:


Gabrielle Millwood, 13.41a (Fastest Time)

Raquayah Bell, 13.46a (2nd Fastest Time)

Kayla Ferguson, 13.78a (8th Fastest Time)

Jasmine King, 13.92a (Pr) (9th Fastest Time)

Kendi Caldwell, 13.95a (Pr) (10th Fastest Time)


Jasmine King, 27.36a (Pr) (2nd Fastest Time)

Janelle Codrington, 28.05a (5th Fastest Time)

Kendi Caldwell, 28.35a (Pr) (8th Fastest Time)


Mia Hargrett, 1:08.70a (4th Fastest Time)


Gabrielle Shord, 2:39.57a (Fastest Time)

Georgia Martin, 2:44.55a (Pr) (4th Fastest Time)

Neve Schulmeyer, 2:51.95a (Sr) (10th Fastest Time)


Gabrielle Shord, 5:36.52a (2nd Fastest Time)

Sophia Urdinola, 5:48.62a (3rd Fastest Time)

Delaney Hammill, 6:02.81a (6th Fastest Time)

Caroline Perret, 6:09.27am (7th Fastest Time)

3200m (Only 2 contestants Both from Atholton)-

Aminah Coleman, 13:40.46a (Pr) (1st)

Erica Correll, 16:20.36a (2nd)

100m Hurdles (Top 3 cause there’s only 7 contestants)-

Olivia Seetoo 21.14a, (Pr) (3rd Fastest Time)

4×100 Relay (Top 2 cause there’s only 4 contestaint teams)-

Atholton A- Gabrielle Millwood, Raqayah Bell, Janelle Codrington, Kayla Ferguson, 51.15a (Fastest Time)

4×800 Relay (Top 1 cause there’s only 3 constestaint teams)-

Atholton A- Delaney Hammil, SaraRose Lefors, Grace Rua, Caroline Perret, 11:02.05a (Fastest Time)

Shot Put-

Katherine Wood, 27-07.00 (5th Farthest Throw)

Mollie McCormick, 24-03.00 (Pr) (9th Farthest Throw)

Kalina Cochran, 22-08.00 (10th Farthest Throw)


Katherine Wood, 88-06.50 (Pr) (Farthest Throw)

Kalina Cochran, 75-01.50 (Sr) (2nd Farthest Throw)

Mollie McCormick, 57-00.50 (Pr) (9th Farthest Throw)

High Jump-

Olivia Seetoo, 4-06.00 (7th Highest Jump)

Pole Vault (Top 1 cause there’s 3 contestants)-

Olivia Struble, 8-00.00 (highest Vault)

Long Jump-

Janelle Codrington, 14-06.50 (3rd Longest Jump)

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