On March thirteenth, Sophia Monslavo, a senior at Atholton, was awarded the 2022 County Executive Award in Political Science in recognition of her dedicated work  as a senate page, and in law offices where she aids detained immigrants.

Students who receive this award have shown persistent work towards causes they are passionate about and are actively involved in their community while contributing in different ways. 

In the Girl Scouts program, as scouts progress they are given the opportunity to complete various projects that positively impact their community. As the scout grows, each project is made to hold more significance and impact, while allowing the scout to branch out and experience working independently, building connections, and detecting what they are passionate about.

“Gold Award Girl Scouts in high school complete projects to make the world a better place and earn the highest award available to Seniors and Ambassadors” according to the Girl Scouts organization.

For her Gold Award, Monslavo worked with the Luminus Network. Luminus Network is an organization that is “for New Americans grew out of an informal support service for foreign-born students at Howard Community College (HCC).” Their aim is to allow immigrants a place to ask questions and receive help in a place they can feel comfortable.

In working with this network, Monslavo completed Racial Bias Awareness Training for Naturalization applicants to complete her Gold Award.

Starting in 2022,  Monslavo began serving as a Senate Page in the Maryland General Assembly. The responsibility of a Senate Page is to deliver legislative material within the congressional complex. The Maryland General Assembly is responsible for passing laws necessary for the welfare of the State. Several departments may be created by the legislature to increase the efficiency of state government, and special taxing districts or areas may be established within the state to serve a specific purpose.

In addition, Sophia Monslavo has served as a legislative intern for the Delegate Jessica Feldmart, a Maryland Democrat in the Maryland House of Delegates, elected in 2018.

Monslavo continues to work in law offices and volunteers as a legal advice informative call center in which she assists detained migrants.

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