Cole Gaither

Staff Reporter

3 February 2023

The Computer Science Club at Atholton High School is a must visit for all students. If students here at Atholton ever wanted to express their love for technology, show off their programming skills, or knowledge with technology: then they have the ability to consider joining the Computer Science Club here at Atholton. The club is for those interested in coding, game design, 3D modeling, and more. The club meets after school every Tuesday at 2:30PM.

The Computer Science club is run by Ms. Rhee, who also teaches Computer Science AP, meaning she knows a thing or two about the computer science field. The president of the club is Harleen Green, and the vice president is Emma Cho. Green wants the club to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about computer science, while Cho wants to give fun experiences with “hackathons.” Hackathons are a club event where members try to create software as fast as a team. 

Program with languages including Java, Python, and more. 3D modeling is something that anyone can give a crack at in this club by making and practicing the creation of 3D models, and trying out the software made to make it. Learn about game design, how to start making a game and the process into making it with game development. That’s not everything this club has to offer: anything that is related to computer science is welcome in this club, so the possibilities are far and wide.

The goal of the club, according to Green, is “to give everyone an opportunity to learn code if they can’t fit a computer science class in their schedule, or to provide extra opportunities to learn code that is not being taught in their class.” The club is recommended to people who want to expand their knowledge on technology. Members of the club said they are “excited and curious.” One member for example made a Discord bot, with the power of programming that came from this club. Students here at Howard County are able to challenge themselves and thrive and new things that they are able to create with technology.

Learn programming with sites like, and Code Academy, where it gives the opportunity to create programs, and teaches how to program with almost any programming language. No one has to be an expert craftsman to join this club, since this club is for those “who are interested in this field; students who like AP CS Principles, Intro to Java, AP CSA, or who are in robotics; also recommend it to those who have never tried coding before because they may discover a new passion,” said Green. If students want to compare their skills to others, they can code competitively with fellow club members. They hope that members learn more about a computer environment, hoping for their members to learn “skills in other languages and experience in coding competitively,” according to Green.

The Computer Science Club offers things such as programming, 3D modeling, game development and much more for tech-savvy Atholton students. Joining the Computer Science Club is recommended for students who want to learn and expand their knowledge on technology, as it’s open to all students. Students may learn something new about technology, may learn something about cooperation in a computer environment, or gain a new hobby. 

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