Peter Shin                                                                                                                                                 Middle Pages Editor                                                                                                                          November 20, 2016

     Key Club helped the store Sweet Elizabeth Jane on November 19 with their cleanup efforts following the Ellicott City flood this summer. Key Club helped the store in their move to the new location 8289 Main Street in Historic Ellicott city.

     “We wanted to reach beyond our usual service activities, like volunteering at 5Ks,” said junior Michelle Lui. “Since the [Ellicott City] flood was so recent and close to us, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to help some of the businesses there get up off their feet and recover from the damage.”

     On July 30th, a flash flood hit historic downtown Ellicott City after a violent storm. The flood caused two casualties and massive property damage that will take months to recover completely. A few buildings were completely destroyed while many others suffered severe damage. The Atholton Key Club, known for its volunteer work in many events around the community, decided that they would help out in the clean up effort of Ellicott City.

     “It’s good to help others who are in need because it inspires others to do the same,” said junior Ethan Young, a member of Key Club. “I enjoy helping others and I think it’s interesting to see all the different kinds of people this community has to offer.”

     Sweet Elizabeth Jane was an antique store that was destroyed by the flood. Key Club decided to help Sweet Elizabeth Jane because it had been more damaged than most of the other stores from the flood. On Saturday November 19, members of Key Club went to Old Ellicott to the new store location to help out. For the whole day students helped move the antiques and boxes to the new store on Main Street.

     “I’m so so grateful for everyone that came,” said Kailey Toler, assistant receiving coordinator for Sweet Elizabeth Jane, “and it was a little hectic because our jobs got switched up a little bit, but you guys got it done so that’s awesome.”

     Following the cleanup of the Sweet Elizabeth Jane, there are further plans for Atholton’s Key Club to help out Ellicott City.

     “I think it went well, and I think everyone is tired but we actually helped in a real tangible way,” said Key Club President junior Amal Imtiaz. “This is the only event right now, but we are helping with the Old Ellicott Jingle Bell Run to help raise money for stores still struggling to rebuild after the flood.”


Posted by Peter Shin

Peter Shin, a senior, is an icon. As a student taking journalism for the third year, Peter was proudly a middle pages editor for the glorious Raider Review last year. Hip-hop, corgis, and chicken cooked in any way is only some of his most favorite things in life.

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