Jake Feldman
Sports Editor
7 March 2018

Tap your left pocket, tap your right pocket. You are now another victim of tech-
nology controlling your life, as with mostly everyone nowadays. The improvement of technology and its software each year has made us more reliant and dependent
on technology to get through our daily lives and its simple tasks.
In recent years, technology has undergone many improvements. The iPhone, social media, virtual reality, electric cars, online stream-ing, hover boards, and drones are just a few of the innovations that have sprung the last decade. Many of these modifications were introduced in order to make our lives easier, while some serve just for our amusement.
However, with technologies many advantages like treating illnesses, enhancing communication, and making our lives more efficient, comes its many disadvantages. In my little experiment from earlier, you probably felt a little object that you don’t go anywhere without, your phone.
Admit it, whenever you’re in an awkward situation you take your phone out and pretend you’re doing something important, when you’re really just looking at the same post for the fifth time. This is making our society more anti-social by stopping new friendships to be formed. Also, whenever we participate in activities, we feel the
need to either take pictures or record videos for others to see ruining a fun time spent to instead post on social media. It is almost to the point where we participate in activities just to post it on social media.
Technology is also causing many to be less driven because objects and information are more easily accessible, lessening our determination to achieve and accomplish our goals. Smartphones give us the knowledge of an Encyclopedia and more, just in our pocket. Although smartphones are useful, whenever kids get a worksheet nowadays, they type the title straight into Google followed by “answers,” instead of actually trying to get the answers through analysis.
Along with the increase in laziness, comes the decrease in exercise. According to a study conducted by Northwest Primary Care Group, Americans got 32% less exercise and were 43% more inactive in 2009 than in 1965 due to our increase in the use of technology. The numbers have most likely increased since then and that is not be good for our overall health and well-being.
Although it would be hard for everyone to begin to step away from the excessive use of technology, it can be accomplished. First, we can limit the amount of time we check social media to once or twice a day, allowing us to focus on ourselves and not what others are doing. Also, we can begin to leave our phones at home from time to time, giving us the opportunity to enjoy living in the moment. With moderation, we can begin to detach from technology and live our lives.

Posted by Jake Feldman

Jake Feldman is a junior and this is his second year taking journalism. He enjoys playing basketball and video games. During the summer, Jake likes to go swimming at his local pool. He enjoys eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and when he is not eating there, Jake likes dining on chicken.