Prom is a magical time of the year for many girls. A night where they can create one of their last high school memories of fun and joy. Unfortunately some girls can not experience this joy. The price of all the limos, dresses, photos, and accessories are too much for some. Becca’s Closet is an organization which donates dresses in order to help those girls. Becca’s Closet has been an organization at Atholton for about eight years. Recently, they have had one of their prom dress drives which provides free dresses and accessories for prom.  These events are not only helpful for girls who can not afford a dress for prom, but fostering a sense of community here in Atholton.

Started by Rebecca Kirtman in Florida, Becca’s Closet spread throughout the United States. As prom dresses can cost upwards to $500, the notion for some girls to buy a dress was not economically possible. Becca’s Closet helps these girls by donating them dresses to wear. Donations come from all different places: Family members, members of the community and sometimes even stores donate dresses to Becca’s Closet.

Atholton has had a Becca’s Closet club for eight years. Started by the current president’s, Adrienne Vaughn, sister. Atholton’s Becca’s Closet has helped many young girls get the prom dresses they need.

“My sister was president of Becca’s Closet before I came to High School,” said President Adrienne Vaughn. “She needed someone to take over the club and she wanted me to do it in order to still be connected to the program.”

Becca’s Closet has been important in Atholton during the prom season. Becca’s Closet offers a wide variety of dresses and accessories at the drives. Girls can come and pick out a dress and try it with the help of personal shoppers. There are volunteers there that will help hem the dresses in order for the dress to be a perfect fit to the girl.

“I really enjoy it,” said Bryce Bathras, a volunteer at the event, “I think its cool that people can come and get dresses for cheaper than getting them at the store, it fosters more of a community and everything.”

In order for everything to run smoothly at these drives, a lot of preparation goes into making sure there is enough advertising, donations, and outreach.

“We have a very strong group of girls,” said Ms. Bopst, the advisor for the club, “They go and do all the community outreach, they advertise, they collect dresses, they do the inventory, and answer emails.”

The Becca’s Closet at Atholton has been partnered with Lambda Gamma Zeta chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority for the past two years in helping out with the dress drives.

“Giving back to the community is one of our founding principles,” said Catherine Barrett- of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority. “We just decided to come together with Becca’s Closet and join forces together. Prom is expensive and so many girls can’t afford it. We want every young lady to have the experience and joy of going to prom.”

Becca’s Closet is not just important to all the girls in need of prom dresses, but the Atholton community as a whole. The sense of outreach and charity create a positive feeling which permeates to prom season. This year Becca’s Closet has given out dresses to 67 girls and has helped donate 80 dresses to the community.

Posted by Peter Shin

Peter Shin, a senior, is an icon. As a student taking journalism for the third year, Peter was proudly a middle pages editor for the glorious Raider Review last year. Hip-hop, corgis, and chicken cooked in any way is only some of his most favorite things in life.

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