1. Phrenology, telekinesis and astral projection
  1.  Home of food courts and kiosks
  2. You and me
  3. Grew up
  4. Water barrier around castle
  5. The sixth album by Common
  6. The first state in USA
  7. Statistical category in basketball
  8. Mechanical model of solar system
  9. Echelon
  10. Crop in Things Fall Apart
  11. Multiple spots in the desert where water is found
  12. Main character in Kung Fu Panda
  13. Omnipresent, adv.
  14. Unexploded ordnance (acronym)
  15. Song by Bruno Mars and Cardi B
  16. Common activity for seniors to do in class
  17. NYC’s other baseball team
  18. Hawaiian flower necklace
  19. Batman and Robin are the dynamic ___
  20. The rank of ‘Supreme General’
  21. One of our Editors In Chief
  22. Five branches of this in U.S.
  23. Hebrew name for joyful, the other editor in chief
  24. Pasta dish



  1. Receptionist from The Office
  2. A speech of praise
  3. Clarence Darrow, Robert Kardashian, Atticus Finch e.g
  4. …—…
  5. Language learning technique
  6. Kangaroo, supreme, and district e.g
  7. Old
  8. The first sentences in a news story
  1. 8v/8ohms= 1 ___
  2. City of Lakers, Dodgers, Angels and Clippers
  3. ___ Raider
  4. French for boyfriend
  5. Protagonist of Great Expectations
  6. Murder weapon of Stephen King’s The Shining, ___ mallet
  7. Contrast trigger word
  8. Gold
  9. Do re mi fa __ la
  10. A group of individuals combined to promote some common interest
  11. Nazi code machine
  12. Seasonal sickness with vaccines available
  13. Spanish alcoholic beverage with chopped fruit
  14. Left lane is known as the ____ lane
  15. ♩ Red Robin, ___ !♩
  16. See Figure 3.7E
  17. This western state is going to sink soon
  18. ___ cloth, Gladiator outfit
  19. Certified Public Accountant
  20. Where To Kill A Mockingbird took place


Figure 3.7E

moody (1).jpg

Posted by Peter Shin

Peter Shin, a senior, is an icon. As a student taking journalism for the third year, Peter was proudly a middle pages editor for the glorious Raider Review last year. Hip-hop, corgis, and chicken cooked in any way is only some of his most favorite things in life.

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