Alex Gardner
Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, April 25, Atholton High hosted the annual Empty Bowls event. From 5 pm to 7 pm, students and parents alike were able to come to the cafeteria to grab a bowl of free soup, salad, and dessert. Other than homemade food, participants were able to choose a ceramic bowl, hand-crafted by Art I students, to take home with them. Empty Bowls was a donations-only event so in combination with Pie Day these two events raised $1,228, just two hundred dollars short of their goal. All money raised goes to Grassroots, the Crisis Intervention Center.

“[Grassroots] is a really important part of the area we live in because there are so many people in our community struggling with poverty,” said Star Daniels, a sophomore at Atholton and a participant of Empty Bowls. “There are those not able to get money together to live comfortably. To live in a home. It’s a wonderful service that Howard County provides.”

Grassroots is a multi-service crisis intervention center that provides a number of resources to those in need, including suicide prevention plans, shelters for the homeless, and a 24/7 crisis intervention hotline. Members of Howard County depend on this center for all kinds of reasons, whether it asking for help for suicide, family and relationship problems, violent and threatening domestic situations, loneliness and depression, or chemical dependency areas.

Other than to support Grassroots, a lot of the students came to see the displayed from Art I-IV students  “I think the best part of Empty Bowls is the fact that someone gets to take my artwork home,” said Hannah Motrangola, an Art II student. “I came because I really enjoy the art classes at Atholton, and I really wanted to see my work and show my friends and family what I’ve done so far in the year.”

Principal Ms.  Hutchens added that Empty Bowls was a great community event. “I think it is a worthy cause.  I try to give to as many student fundraisers as I can.  I want to help them meet their goals. I also taught art for a number of years and enjoy seeing the talents of our students.” She went on to comment that Grassroots deserves Atholton’s support. “They are part of our community, and they help those who need it.”

Anastasia Manzari, a volunteer at  the donation stands, helping everyone with their money and questions. “I like how the community is able to come together to raise money for Grassroots. It’s such a family-friendly event. I think that everything we do here is making a change.”

Posted by Alexandra Gardner

Alexandra is a Junior at Atholton High School. She is a staff reporter and the Middle Pages Editor. She likes lobster rolls, long walks on the beach, and baby elephants. Alex hopes you enjoys her stories.

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