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Atholton’s Next Ambassadors of Music

Story by: Kevin Sutton
Image Courtesy of: Kevin Sutton

A Splash of Color and Kindness for our Security Officer

Visual art is something that can be created in many different ways. Mediums such as dance, photography, and painting all express different things to various people. At Atholton, there are a multitude of outlets through courses and clubs, for students to pour out their creative ideas. While enjoying what they love to do, artsy students also have the ability to connect with people by contributing to the community around them. Recently, Atholton’s security officer in particular, Officer Guizzotti, became one of their biggest supporters.

Budding Bonsai’s: A Tranquil Trip to the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

Story by: Shifa Shaikh
Image courtesy of: Shifa Shaikh

Tucked away on the boundless and blossoming grounds of the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington D.C. is the world’s first and finest museum devoted to the art of Bonsai: the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. 

Black History Month Door Pictures

22 February 2022 All photo credits belong to Mary Wilkinson

Can the Arts Survive in an Overly Critical World?

Deconstruction is rewarded in the world of Twitter and TikTok, where armchair critics have risen to the top. One of the questions creators have been asking recently is if this is good for the arts- does this help or harm creators in this new age of the Internet?

Story by: Simi Adeniyi
Photo courtesy of: https://www.cnet.com/

Pandemic Potential

Story by: Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock
Photo Courtesy of: Anjali Pulim

Virtually No Artists Expected the Pandemic but the Online World Accepted them Nonetheless

Whether you’re an artist or not, everyone can agree this pandemic has affected each and every person in a positive or negative way. With some artists, the pandemic has given them more time to work on big projects they have always wanted to do. With others, it’s made them unable to do any art at all.
Story by: Natalie Zepf
Photo Courtesy of: Julia Chen

Mind or Matter: Balancing Art and STEM at AHS

Story by: Jumi Animashaun
Photo Courtesy of: Nikki Farnham
Contrary to popular belief, there are Leonardo Da Vincis who dream of becoming Nobel Prize winners, as well as 4.0 GPA science nerds who attend poetry club meetings in their spare time.

Art: The Perfect Way to Destress During a Pandemic

As she hunches over a blank sheet of paper, clutching a bar of charcoal in her hand, the shape of a girl forms. It’s herself. First the eyes, then the nose, her lips, and face. Lastly the most prominent figure on her drawing appears: her hijab.

Story by: Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly
Photo Courtesy of: Selma Hassanien