Erin Edwards
Staff Reporter
May 17, 2018

Ms. Hutchens
“I have been honored to be part of this amazing community and I will truly miss everyone very much.” After being the principal of Atholton for three years, Hutchens wrote in an email announcing her retirement about how much the school and students have impacted her. She added how she will always remember the “generosity, support and friendship” she has received while being the principal.

Not only did Ms. Hutchens love Atholton, the students loved her too. “Ms. Hutchens would put tremendous time and effort to help us on our projects and initiatives,” said senior Emily Gelb. “It is clear that Ms. Hutchens cares deeply about the AHS student body and community.”

After the Parkland shooting in February, Ms. Hutchens stood behind student activists and supported their efforts. She met with many groups of students in order to organize a safe and nurturing environment at the walk outs. Along with the walkouts, Hutchens also supported the Raider Review’s Onion-style issue, parodying topics as local as substitute teachers to national issues such as Trump and his relationship with Putin. The issue could have been found as controversial and too risky from a prinicipal’s point of view. Hutchens has fostered an environment of free speech and expression, allowing students to share their opinions in a respectful manner through different mediums. She helped to amplify the student voice, something that is commonly disregarded due to the age and experiences of students.

In the future, Hutchens plans on returning to her activities from before she was the pricipal at Atholton. She hopes to visit her children more, “One lives in Charleston, one lives in Santa Monica, so I’ll get to see them more,” With her free time, Ms. Hutchens plans to pick up her art again, saying, “I taught Art IV a lot of years so I’m going to get back into my art and my creativity,” She hopes to, “slow down a little bit,” and enjoy her life without paperwork and meetings. As for the future of Atholton, “I feel so confident that our future is in great hands just because of what I see every single day” she added. “When people say to me, “Where’s the world coming to an end?”, I know in my heart that it will be the best place because of you guys, I really know that.”

Ms. Towsend
After 23 years of teaching, Ms. Robin Towsend, a Spanish teacher, will be retiring from Atholton High School.  

“She was always very understanding and encouraged us to participate,” said senior Michelle Lui. Sophomore Renee Sen agrees with Lui and loves how caring and fun to talk to Ms. Towsend was.

One of Ms. Towsend fondest memories at Atholton was teaching in the villas while the school went through renovations three years ago: “I finally had a classroom with windows! It was quiet out there and I got to be with a great group of teachers, some of whom I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know so well otherwise.”

With her new freetime, Ms. Towsend looks forward to spending additional time with her husband and family, including her dog. She also plans to travel and is excited to not have to set her alarm for 4:30 AM each morning.

Mr. Dubac
Mr. Gregory Dubac’s time at Atholton is coming to an end, as he is retiring after 12 years  working in Atholton’s Science Department.

“Mr. Dubac always brought energy and laughter to the classroom,” said senior Jack Lawrence. “[He] made physics fun through engaging labs and activities.”

While at Atholton, Mr. Dubac thoroughly enjoyed teaching “the kids, it’s always the kids.” Dubac also admires the administration and has had an amazing time working with them.

In retirement, Mr. Dubac plans on traveling and visiting his grandchildren. He is excited to be able to travel year-round without having to schedule substitutes or wait until summer break.

Even though he is excited and ready to travel, Mr. Dubac will miss Atholton greatly. “I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Atholton. I live right down the street, and my kids went to this school so it is very much a home school for me. I am lucky to be here.”

Ms. Blade
Ms. Cynthia Blade is retiring after 30 years of teaching. While at Atholton, Ms. Blade taught a variety of classes in the Social Studies Department, including Psychology and Government and Politics

“When I was in her class I could tell she really cared about us as individuals and making sure we felt comfortable, like everyone mattered,” said junior Elise Park.

Once retired, Ms. Blade looks forward to seeing her grandchildren more often. She has some travel plans in the works, such as possibly traveling to Ireland, but she has not officially scheduled anything.

Ms. Blade has loved having her son, Mr. White, also teach in the Social Studies Department. Her favorite memory while at Atholton was seeing her son become a teacher and have a class of his own.

For Ms. Blade, the hardest part about leaving will be saying goodbye to all of her students: “The good and the bad—all of them. I enjoy the students very much, and I will miss them.”

Ms. Cantor
After a fruitful 16-year career at Atholton, Ms. Cantor has decided to retire. She has taught a variety of classes, including English, Government, and Special Education.

Ms. Cantor has said that she has “gotten to the point in my life where I feel like it’s time to retire and move on to other things,” including spending more time with her family in Denver.

One of her favorite parts of being at Atholton was the kind and civil treatment of everyone and the wide range of students she taught. “It’s a great job. I love my students, I love my coworkers, and it’s a great place to work.”

“I think the school has wonderful students. I’ve gotten to work with a variety of students. Special Ed. students are just amazingly hard-working and focused, and always try to do their best every day. I’ve had lots of students who are AP students, so I work with a range of students. I’ve taught English classes, and I just like all the different students. I like the diversity; I like how people overall treat each other kindly and work together.”

She plans on joining her husband in retirement and to take on new learning experiences and classes.

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