Raymond Brown
Staff Reporter

How do underclassmen have so many senior friends, and when they graduate, what should underclassmen do?  

Junior Daisha Bell has been friends with seniors since middle school. “They are only one grade ahead of me, so I’ve seen them my whole life. When I first got to high school only one of my classes was all freshmen, so I’ve really been talking [with] the seniors for a very long time now,” she said.  She continued to say she “had a lot of friends that were seniors in my yearbook class,” and that she “made a lot of memories that I will never forget with them in that class.”

Bell says she plans to cope with their graduation by keeping in contact with the seniors. “We follow each other on almost every social media platform so I will always see what there up too on there,” Bell said.

Junior Maya Lee said she became friends with a lot of seniors because she has “classes [and lunch] with them.” She also said that the seniors gave great advice and they are very easy to get along with. She plans to make new friends by participating in activities and communicating with kids from around the county.

Sophomore Kayla Beckwith said, “I became friends with the seniors because I grew up with some of them, and I played on varsity teams so I met more and became friends with them and their friends.” She is also in very advanced classes, so she found herself surrounded with upperclassmen as soon as she came to Atholton.

Beckwith still has underclassmen friends, “but I just [don’t] get along with them as well as I did with the upperclassmen,” she said. She also states that she plans on talking to a few kids in her class and many juniors.

Since her senior friends have graduated, she plans on seeing “them a couple times during the summer and during their breaks.” She continued, “I also plan on keeping my headphones in and minding my business or talking to other kids I know.”

Posted by rjbrown525

Raymond, known as RJ by his peers, is a junior at Atholton. A Chicago native, his family moved here when he was in second grade. RJ has an older sister named Victoria in addition to one cat and one dog named Silver and Kiki. He fills his spare time with hobbies such as basketball, 2K, and shoe collecting. His favorite brands include Jordan, True Religion, and Nike.

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