Isaiah Thaxton

Staff Reporter

Atholton’s top 14 cross country runners raced their hearts out at the MPSSAA 3A State XC Championships on Saturday November 10th. They faced brutal winds, cold weather, and fierce competition. Nonetheless they performed to the best of their abilities.

The boys cross country team led by Javon Daniel finished 4th. Daniel finished 7th overall. He was followed by Jake Perret, Nick Weber, and Ryder Neal.

The girl’s team finished sixth and was led by Gabriella DeGrazia. She was followed by Celine Pisanic, Camryn Streib, and Anchal Kasargod.

All though running may look easy, preparing for cross country states is a process that has tailored workouts and intricate warmups. The team practices Monday-Friday from 2:45-4:45 and on Saturdays at 9:00 am. The workouts range from Long runs to shorter sprints.

At the beginning of the season, they begin with longer workouts such as fifty minute runs or runs to Hawthorne. As the season progresses they transition into their shorter tempo workouts that might make them run harder.

Chase Clark, a Junior on Cross Country said that his favorite workouts were the “easy long runs,” because they were able to run and chill.

Before you get into running you have to warm up. Because of new a coach this year, the way they warm up is different. The team now does dynamic stretches, which is different to the static stretches they have done previously.

After warmups, they start the real training. Run. Rest. Repeat. Workouts ranging from 50 minute runs to shorter tempo runs.

When the workouts are done they start their cool down and then stretch.

Though it may look easy, being able to run far and fast takes hard work, practice, and dedication.


Posted by Isaiah Thaxton

Isaiah is a first year journalist hoping to shake Atholton with groundbreaking stories. His interests include running, watching Netflix, eating food and listening to Drake.

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