Month: November 2021

Clifford the Big Red Flop

Story by: Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly
Image courtesy of: Canva

What should have been a nostalgic take on a childhood classic, the recent movie Clifford the Big Red Dog, directed by Walt Becker, offered nothing but a fast-paced, poorly written, undeveloped plot. The new adaptation on the adventures of Emily Howard (Darby Camp) and her 10-foot tall dog, Clifford, ultimately preys on people’s sentimentality and their wallets. 

The Top Ten Atholton Alumni

Story By: Sam Nixon
Photo Courtesy of: Jon L. Hendricks

Considering that we had our pep rally recently, and our football team is regional champs, how about a little more pride for Atholton? Many of this school’s past students have gone on to do great things. However, some are particularly exceptional and worth noting. Here are the top ten AHS Alumni.