Month: May 2023

A World of Film at Atholton High School

Luke Strovel Staff Reporter 16 May, 2023      “The main goal was to submit it to the film festival. That was one of the first things we talked about,” said film club President Dustin Flaker, the […]

STEM with Friends

Story by: Sophia Weaver
Image Courtesy of: Science Olympiad Club

Stay Calm and Prom on at the Hotel at Arundel Preserve

Story by Trisha Hande and Yalda Rohani
Photo Courtesy of SGA ’24

Teaching Problematic Stories: It’s a Two Way Street

Story by: Jordan Neperud
Photo Courtesy of: Jordan Neperud

No money… No Problem… Extend a helping hand

Maria Emmons Ad/ Social Media Manager 16 May 2023 One day, you were in the car with your mom. You were getting ready for prom by having a day out and getting your nails done […]

How NOT to Get Away With Performative Activism

Imani Smith Online Managing Editor 16 May 2023 Image courtesy of Google How many shows can successfully portray the trials and tribulations of a Black woman in power, in a way where it does not […]

Finding Meaning in History and Heritage

Neel Singh Features Editor and Lead Photographer May 16, 2023 From a small fishing boat to the advancement of nuclear science and the power of the Vice Presidency, Asian-Americans have shaped the history of America […]

Atholton’s Next Ambassadors of Music

Story by: Kevin Sutton
Image Courtesy of: Kevin Sutton