Month: April 2021

The Raiders Fall Season Records

Atholton Fall Sports records from last year, coaches say what was challenging during the season or what the best was.

Intermittent Fasting After Quarantine

Jordan Moore Staff Reporter 29 April 2021 Imagine sitting alone while watching the hands of the clock slowly move. You hear the clock ticking and tocking as the hands move closer to the designated time […]

WandaVision Review

When a magically powered wife and a self aware living robot husband move into a town that seems too normal for two superpowered  beings to live in, the question stands: Is this all a coincidence?  […]

Green Team Saves the Day!

So many people are trying to stay active during this isolated time, and what’s better than to contribute not only to the community, but also the environment? There is a small flower garden in the […]

Atholton Student Run Businesses

The label slip carefully placed onto the package, the box was dropped off at the mailbox, Florida bound. Inside, there was a beautiful vintage blue dress heading towards its new home down South. Accompanying this […]

A Definitive Ranking of all 23 MCU Movies

*possible spoilers* 23. The Incredible Hulk (2008) This was the MCU’s second movie following Iron Man, which is a hard act to follow, and this movie is honestly forgettable–and has been forgotten. With there being […]

Can the Arts Survive in an Overly Critical World?

Deconstruction is rewarded in the world of Twitter and TikTok, where armchair critics have risen to the top. One of the questions creators have been asking recently is if this is good for the arts- does this help or harm creators in this new age of the Internet?

Story by: Simi Adeniyi
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What Are AHS Student Panels, and How Can They Help Students?

Whether you’re an underclassman looking for advice, or an upperclassmen with knowledge to spare, these panels are the perfect place to meet other students and help each other navigate high school. 

The Difficulties of Preparing for the AP Exams in the COVID Era

In the era of COVID-19, the already challenging AP exams have become significantly harder. With all the extra complications students are facing this year as well as the added stress of the pandemic itself, this year’s testing is bound to be an uphill battle. 

Teachers Taking Action: The Impact of Work to Rule on Students

Caroline Perret Staff Reporter 23 April 2021 The Be the Change club was able to have a very successful start during the coronavirus pandemic–that is until February 18, when their sponsor broke the news. Work […]