Month: January 2023

The NFL Divisonal

By Evan Huggins (Sports Editor)
Photo Courtesy: Google

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

What People Forget about Martin Luther King Jr.

How much does the average person know about Martin Luther King Jr? Though most people have learned about the activist in school as well as his assassination and his famed ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, to properly celebrate MLK day, it is crucial to first understand the context of his life. 

Joy To The World, A Concert Has Come

Story by: Luke Strovel
Photo Courtesy of ArtStation

Dream Big With Atholton Dance Company: The Winter Dance Concert

Story By: Lydia Yerger
Image Courtesy of: Laycie Gullion

Shaking it up with POMs

Story by: Elena Lederman
Photo Courtesy of: Kush Kommula//@atholtonsports

Running with Indoor Track

Story by: Sophia Weaver
Image Courtesy of: Kush Kommula/@atholtonsports

Atholton Students Take Learning Outside the Classroom

Story by: Sophie Saunders
Image Courtesy of: Sravya Tallapragada

A-Town Strives for Victory and Another Banner

Story by: Evan Huggins
Photo Courtesy of: Kush Kommula//@atholtonsports

Pinning Down the Raider of the Month Winners

Story by: Ayo Awofeso
Image Courtesy of: Mr. Stuppy
Receiving positive feedback in a formal setting is less common for teachers than students. This is something that Teacher Development Liaison Mr. Stuppy sought to improve at the beginning of the school year.

Flurries and Fun: How Snow Days Are Helpful

Story by: Jordan Neperud
Image Courtesy of: Morgan Ryan