By Kaodi Gerry-Ofor

Staff Reporter

Some say that the best part of every theater production is none other than the technical aspects. However, more often than admitted, the tech magicians behind all forms of entertainment are overlooked. The wardrobe, the amazing set, backgrounds, sound effects and all other technical details of a play are often raved about, but not many talk about the skilled individuals that put all these elements together. The lack of attention fails to illuminate the creativity and diligence of the backstage wizards, also known as the tech crew.

    Led by Mr. Nathan Rosen, the talented members of the Atholton High School Drama Department tech crew go above and beyond after school from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays. They transform the auditorium stage into a world of its own and accommodate for a theatrical production.

    In addition to building the set, the tech crew takes care of lighting, sound, costumes, special effects like snow, and all other miscellaneous items that could be needed during a production as well as moving items like props and set pieces around during scene changes.

    “You get to meet a lot of cool people. It’s just really a lot of fun and it’s a great experience,” said senior Naomi Marin, a member of the sound crew. Senior Brenna Lindberg, the head of the sound crew, also expressed how enjoyable being a member of the sound crew has been and openly talked about their past experiences, which Marin agreed served as their greatest teacher. “You kind of learn on the job,” Marin said, “over time, you will learn from your mistakes.”

    “I had batteries die on me in my freshman year,” Lindberg said, “I literally had to sneak up on stage and change them because there was nothing left to do.” The duo continued to recount numerous mishaps they had experienced over the years, including the time she forgot to plug the computer that is used to produce music and sound effects into the sound system. According to her, was the cause of the biggest theater related “breakdown” she had ever had.

    Even with the four years of fun they have had in the crew, however, the duo admitted that they weren’t likely to participate in theatre at college, given their tight schedules. Marin said that she will miss the crew once she graduates high school.

Posted by Kaodi

Kaodi Gerry-Ofor is a senior at Atholton High School. She enjoys reading, writing and public speaking. This is her first year as a student of Atholton High but she hopes to leave her mark.

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