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Julia Washington, Brooke Harper, and Stacy Ashburn have formed a group dubbed “Anti-Vax Moms Against the World.”

Hoping to spread the “Anti-vaccination trend,” the three moms held their first meeting at the local library with only two others attending. At the meeting, only one mom and a homeless man looking for free food showed up.

“You know, the turnout wasn’t what we expected but we hope at our next meeting that there will be more anti-vaccination moms that join us,” said Julia Washington President of the Club. “I thought there were more people who supported our group because our GoFundMe raised $20.”

    The local news station was not allowed to attend the meeting due to privacy rights so they had to rely on the homeless man to tell what happened.

“It was kind of dumb, ya know. Theys tried to tell me to not vaccinate my kids, And uh one of the lady’s kids was in there wasn’t vaccinated so I coughed on the little boy and she rubbed him with some oil.”

The homeless man went on to say that he did not enjoy the snacks; according to him, “hummus and pita chips are not good snacks,” and it was a waste of time.

The moms are part of a small group of people who believe that if they vaccinate their children they will get Autism, which has been scientifically proven to be not true. Nevertheless, these moms still believe this fake report.

Many users on Reddit had a field day making fun of the club, joking about the “essential oils” anti-vax parents think prevent these diseases. Reddit user johnxyy8350 commented “I can’t believe you bozos actually thought your essential oils would stop the spread of the diseases. Vaccinate your children!” Many other users said similar things, in a more explicit way.

Brooke Harper said that her son has never had any serious illnesses and is “autism free” because she did not vaccinate him. But her son Even has been diagnosed with chicken pox, measles, and the flu. 

In 2013 there were three large outbreaks of Measles in communities where the majority of kids were not vaccinated; and in 2014 there were 668 cases of measles due to non-vaccinated children.

Washington hopes that the group will grow and encourage more moms to not Vaccinate their children. “The goal is to have a world where no child has to be vaccinated and that everyone knows why we’re right.”

Posted by Isaiah Thaxton

Isaiah is a first year journalist hoping to shake Atholton with groundbreaking stories. His interests include running, watching Netflix, eating food and listening to Drake.

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