Quinny Boyle

Staff Reporter

31 January 2022

California, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Florida, Greece, Canada, and Costa Rica are just a few of the places that Ms. Rangos has visited.

Ms. Rangos is a math teacher here at Atholton High School. She has been teaching here for four years; however, she has been an avid traveler for her whole life. While exploring the world, Ms. Rangos has seen and experienced many unique things.

“I’ve seen a grizzly bear from around a hundred yards away or less,” said Ms. Rangos, “I’ve seen big horned sheep, crocodiles, and mountain goats.” 

These are just a few of the animals Ms. Rangos has seen around the globe. Unfortunately, she does not have much spare time to travel, given her job. Balancing work and travel is a challenging task, yet she has developed an effective routine to ensure that she still has time to travel and relax.

“It’s very hard, but I try to get all of my work stuff done during the work days like Monday through Friday,” said Ms. Rangos. “That way when we have weekends and breaks and stuff, I don’t have any work to do and I can go places.”

Out of all the places she has traveled, Costa Rica was one of her favorite destinations. She loves being by a beach or water, but also being able to participate in cool activities. While in Costa Rica, she visited the beach, went hiking, and stepped outside her comfort zone by going waterfall rappelling.

“It was cool,” said Ms. Rangos. “You get strapped in, and then you just have to sort of climb backwards down the waterfall.” She went with a tour group and no experience was necessary, “so it wasn’t that intense.”

Ms. Rangos’s other favorite destination was Greece. “It was awesome,” she exclaimed. “We went to Athens which is like a city kind of and then we went to an island and that was chill.”

When she is not traveling, Ms. Rangos spends her time in her classroom teaching math to her students. Although she does love teaching her students, sometimes it can be a frustrating task. When it comes to Ms. Rangos’s pet peeves, “the list goes on.”

Her biggest pet peeve in students is “when they ask a question about something we’ve already gone over.” She also despises “when students want to do well on a quiz but they don’t study or do anything to help them prepare.”

To help release the stress that comes with being a teacher, Ms. Rangos has many hobbies that she does to unwind. These include reading, exercising, and watching TV.

Her favorite television show is Parks and Recreation, it’s a classic and “it’s just a great show,” said Ms. Rangos.

She also likes to pass time by reading. Ms. Rangos could not recall her favorite book of all time; however, she loves fiction and historical fiction novels. Her favorite book at the moment is The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab. It is a sorrowful novel about a girl who can not be remembered by anyone.

Ms. Rangos is also looking for “something creative and artsy to do as a hobby” so if you have any suggestions for her, stop by room A113.

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