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25 March 2022

Ravens/Big NFL Free Agent Signings/Trades so Far 3/23/22

Ravens Signings So Far!!! The Baltimore Ravens (the best team) have made some big moves so far this off season. Starting with the Ravens signing free safety Marcus Williams from the saints for a contract of 5 years 70 million dollars (14 million a year). Next the ravens have signed offensive tackle Morgan Moses for 3 years and 15 million dollars (5 million a year). Finally, the Ravens brought back a former raven from the past Michael Pierce for 3 years and 16.5 million dollars (5.5 million a year). The ravens also re-signed fullback Patrick Ricard for 3 years. So far that is all the Ravens have done with the exception of trying to sign edge rusher Za’Darius Smith who backed out of a contract of 3 years for 45 million (15 millon a year). To me, so far as the Baltimore Ravens this free agent signings grade is a B. I only think this because the Ravens haven’t made a whole lot of moves so far but there’s still a lot of time left so we’ll see what happens!

Other big Free Agent Signings Around the League So Far:

Russel Wilson To The Broncos!!!  Russel Wilson was traded to the Broncos will be receiving 44 million dollars per season with the exchange of the Seahawks getting No. 9 overall pick this year and a 2023 first-rounder; two second-round picks, No. 40 overall pick this year and a 2023 second-rounder, this year’s fifth-round pick, tight end Noah Fant, quarterback Drew Lock and defensive end Shelby Harris. This to me was an A grade for the Broncos and a B- for the Seahawks because now Denver has a Qb for the next 5 years (at least The on the other hand Seahawks got some first and second round picks so they will be a younger and rebuilt team. Plus they got some players off of the Broncos from the trade.

Davante Adams Reunites with Carr!!! Davante Adams (the best WR in the Nfl in my opinion) was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders and received $141.25 million for 5 years (28.25 million per year). The quarterback for the Raiders is Derrick Carr, who is his former college QB. This trade included the Packers acquiring the Raiders 1st round pick (No. 22) and a 2nd round pick (No. 53) in the 2022 draft. In my opinion I think for the raiders this trade was an A + because now you have solid overall weapons (Davante Adams(WR), Darren Waller(Te), and Hunter Renfro(Wr) and can make a good run for the super bowl. The packers on the other hand this trade for them was a C. I say this because now you lost your number one weapon with really no one else to step up, but on the positive note you’ll have a younger team and now have 30 mil in cap space.

Von Miller chases the Bag!!! Future hall of famer and one of the best edge rushers in the league Von Miller recently just signed a big deal with the Buffalo Bills which was a 6 year $120 million dollars ($17.5 million a year). After winning the previous super bowl with the Los Angeles Rams he has decided to leave and sign a big deal with a team who needs help at that position. In my opinion I grade this signing a B because to me he was a little overpaid for what he got. Especially because he is 32 years old and an edge rusher, and to be on that contract for 6 years I guess we’re all going to see how this plays out. On the other hand, you got a great edge rusher to help your chances at making that super bowl run.

Deshawn Is Back!!! Former Texans QB and the man who just beat his case  with sexualy assaulting 21 women came out innocent two weeks ago. The former pro bowl Qb just signed a massive 5 year $230 million dollar contract ($46 million dollars a year) to the Browns (yayyy brought him to the AFC north -_-). This pickup was great for the Browns overall, especially with the pickup of Amari Cooper too. To me overall, I think this free agent pickup was an A, this would be an A+, but only because Deshawn missed the last season it will remain at an A. This still doesn’t mean he won’t come back to be one of the best Qb’s in the league, after the whole NFL knows what he can do. I’m actually really happy for this man, especially him being a black quarterback and what they put that man through is crazy. But I’m going to hate you because you have to play my team twice for the next 5 years. 

Matt Ryan Says his Goodbye!!! After 14 year and a 2016 MVP with the team Qb Matt Ryan has been traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Indianapolis Colts. For the trade, the Colts gave up their 2022 3rd round pick in the draft for Matt Ryan (they robbed the Falcons). Besides that Matt Ryan is now on a contract with the Colts for 2 years and $54 million dollars ($27 million a year). Me personally, I think for the Falcons this trade is a D- for them. Didn’t get anything from this trade when Matt Ryan is worth more than just a 3rd round pick. It looks like they are in rebuild mode for the team (basically a fresh start for a team). For the Colts this trade is an A-, mainly because you got an above average QB for so little. The colts also are still top 10 in cap space and this helps them a lot.

Tyreek Hill Shocks Everyone!!! Former elite chiefs WR Tyreek Hill (the fastest player in the NFL today) just got traded to the Miami Dolphins for 5 draft picks! Those 5 pics included,  2022 1st-round (No.29), 2022 2nd-round (No. 50), 2022 4th-round pick, and 2023 4th and 6th round picks. Also the contract that Tyreek signed included 4 years for $120 million dollars ($30 million a year) which now surpasses Davante Adams for the highest Wr in the league. To me, my grade on this trade for the Dolphins is an A, because you got the fastest player in the league and it just adds on to the weapons you already have ex: Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki<, etc. As for the Cheifs this trade was also an A because although you lost your number 1 receiver, you still got 5 picks that will help you a lot in the future. This also helps them in cap space and you still have the best QB in the league Patrick Mahomes, and the best Te in the league Travis Kelce, with also weapons like JuJu Smith Schuster (just signed), and Mecole Hardman (WR).

Double Trouble in Los Angeles!!! Former Patriot and one of the best cornerbacks in the league J.C Jackson signed with the Chargers this off season. That’s not all though, former Bears outside linebacker/edge rusher and one of the best in the game today Khalil Mack has also signed with the Bears this off season. Starting with J.C Jackson his contract contains a 5 year $82.5 million dollar deal ($16,5 a year). And this is a great pickup for that Chargers secondary, especially with pro bowl safety Derwin James already there. There is no surprise to me that this signing is an A+, you got one of the best corners in the league while also not using as much money as people would think. After the signing of J.C the same exact day the Chargers picked up Kahlil Mack for a 6 year $141 million dollars ($23.5 a year). To me again, no surprise this pickup is an A+, you have one of the best athletes at their position, and it adds on already with the help of pro bowl Joey Bosa and you got him for a good price of money. These were two great pickups for the Chargers and they still remain with about $30 million in cap space. This team will be dangerous next season.

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