Morgan Ryan


6 June, 2022

Down in Kings Contrivance, between the bustle of patrons shopping at Harris Teeter and kids getting their McDonald’s Happy Meals, one may miss the aroma of tomato sauce, pasta, and cheese. Little does one know, it all comes from one local gem: Trattoria E Pizzeria.

Trattoria E Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant located at 8630 Guilford Rd C70, Columbia, MD 21046. While Pizzeria is in the name, they have a whole menu of Italian cuisine such as pastas, salads, and subs. My family and I went to Trattoria E Pizzeria with some family friends to give it a try. Needless to say, we were impressed.

Upon walking there’s a cozy aesthetic. Lots of neutral and warm colors. You order at the front counter, then go sit down at one of the tables set up in the middle of the restaurant.

We based our order off of the name of the restaurant and ordered two pizzas: a 16 inch classic New York style pizza with alfredo sauce, mushrooms, chicken, and green peppers; as well as a 16 inch Sicily pizza that was half pepperoni and half sausage. The staff was friendly and patient as we debated what to get.

The food came relatively quickly and was incredible. I tried the Sicilian pizza first, which had a thick crust (like a deep dish), and one thing I noticed was the cheese. It was the right amount of stringy: not enough where it all fell off the pizza, but enough to give the true pizza experience. The classic New York style pizza was just as good as the Sicilian pizza. 

Additionally, you get plenty of food for the price. Even after six people ate their fill of two pizzas, there were still leftovers for each family member. Trattoria E Pizzeria is also generally cheaper than its fast food counterpart. A large (16 inch) pizza at Trattoria costs $13.00 with $3.00 per topping. At Papa John’s an extra large pizza (16 inches) is $17.00. So depending on the toppings you get, Trattoria matches fairly evenly price wise, with even better quality. So before you dial Papa John’s to fill your pizza craving, give the local gem Trattoria E Pizzeria a try. You won’t regret it.

Posted by Morgan Ryan

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