Elena Lederman

Staff Reporter

3 January, 2023

POMs is one of Atholtons many clubs, it has a big impact on those inside and outside the program. POMS is a team of competitive dancers that perform during football and basketball games. They also participate in nearby competitions during the winter. Tryouts for the team are held in May. 

“Even if you’re not sure just try it, everyone is so supportive of each other and it’s a good opportunity to learn and grow,” said Yadiana Diaz-Cruz, a sophomore who started POMS this year. Yadiana believes that POMS is important because it, “combines something you love to do with your passion”. The team gives students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. By joining POMS, performers may be able to improve their dancing skills and similarly to Yadiana, gain more confidence in their dancing. 

POMS performed at the pep rally, an event that a large part of the school attends. They  will continue to perform at the upcoming basketball games. Since POMS is a dance team, it helps to have prior dance experience if you plan to try out. Several people on the team have expressed how much they enjoy being part of such a kind and supportive team.

“I believe the most important thing that make a team successful is definitely having a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where the people there cheer you up and are fun to talk to,” said Lily Shen, another sophomore who joined the team this year. She joined because she wanted to be more active in school sports or clubs and meet new people. Lily believes that one of the most important things to have in a team is a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. To convince someone to join, she would tell them “how much fun POMS is because the team is so uplifting and everyone is great friends with one another. There’s also almost no drama and we all support each other.” 

Several people outside of the team have enjoyed parts of POMS. Mars Chappel, a freshman, has seen them at football games and at the pep rally. They said, “I think they’re really great, I have friends on the team.” POMS is something that has stuck out to them in a positive way. They have really enjoyed watching them perform at football games and other events. Mars said they haven’t ever really considered joining the team but still sees it as a really cool sport.

Even people who don’t have friends on the team enjoy watching the members dance. “It’s really cool to watch,” said Abby Kearney, a freshman who has attended the school’s football games and pep rally. “Seeing people dance together is really awesome, seeing people do things together is always good.” Abby is one of many people outside of the team that enjoys watching them perform. She feels as though dancing is a really good talent to have and feels like POMS brings something interesting and different to the school’s football and basketball games. 

Several high schools in Howard County have POMS teams. There are also many POMS teams throughout the country in high schools. The teams can compete in nearby competitions and may dance in higher dance competitions, possibly up to a national level.

Moving forward, POMS will likely participate in the upcoming dance competitions and perform at basketball games and halftime shows. 

If people know how to dance, or want to improve upon their skills, people inside and outside of the team seem to think POMS is the place to be.

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